Wednesday, December 17, 2014

peace wreath

A long time ago, I had a job making wreaths during the holidays. I learned really fast that making your own wreath from greenery (any kind of greenery is super easy). Every year I like to make all kinds of wreaths and this year I wanted to make a big green peace wreath but instead of all the typical holiday greens I wanted to just use the plants we have in our yard.

1. There are all kind of wreath forms that you can use (styrofoam, metal, wire, grapevine) but these days I tend to use embroidery hoops for my wreath making. You can find wooden embroidery hoops in all kinds of sizes from tiny to really big! I went with really big. Using heavy duty glue, I glued sticks to the inside of my hoop to create a peace sign and let the glue dry overnight.

2. Next I gathered greenery- while we have pine trees in our backyard I wanted some different greens so I picked lots of rosemary, wild salal, ferns and some branches from other shrubs and bushes. 

3. Then I got busy wrapping the greenery around the hoop. I like to grab a small bunch of greens, hold them against the hoop and then wrap floral wire around the greens until they are secure. 

4. I work my way around the entire wreath until it is filled. The last step it fluff and trim the greenery.

I love the way the peace sign turned out- it's a fun way to put a boho twist on holiday decor!
Don't have the time or patience to make a big wreath? Try making tiny peace wreaths! 

I used wire to create my form and then wrapped it with rosemary. It makes a fun and fragrant present topper, ornament or little place setting.


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