Wednesday, December 10, 2014

holiday crafting with a toddler- straw garland

A big part of our family Christmas traditions is crafting (big surprise). As a kid I spent the entire month of December working on creative projects every day and this is something that I have carried into my adult life and now into my life as a mom. In next couple of weeks I thought it would be fun to share some of the kid friendly holiday projects that we have been working on. Some of our projects are made to last while others are simply about getting creative together in the moment!

While Lucy has been creating since the beginning of her little life, age three has brought a lot of interest and passion for creative projects of any kind. The days of me introducing supplies and leading a project have suddenly been replaced with her taking ownership and working independently on her own ideas- it is really amazing to watch!  This year it was really important for me to come up with projects that play to her interests. 

Currently she is obsessed with scissors- she mastered her scissors over the summer and has been crazy about cutting up anything and everything. She also loves stringing beads so I came up with a fun garland project that she could work on from start to finish!

We used a bunch of colorful straws and I let Lucy cut them up. I also let her paint a package of wood beads- she used both of these items to string into colorful garlands for our tree.

While this kid has got some big time creative skills and a great attention span, she is still only three and after about 1-2 hours she always ends up on my lap! 

Is it a stylish or fancy garland? Probably not! But for me it is more important to let Lucy have fun and make a memory than it is to be stylish or fancy with our holiday decor. More than anything I love that she is able to look at the tree and say look at what I made!


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