Thursday, February 13, 2014

wire hearts

There are truly hundreds of ways to get creative with wire and recently my mom came up the sweetest way to transform wire into hearts. I love this idea because it is so darn simple and a perfect little project for any time of year!

1. Start with floral wire. We used 24 gauge steel wire. Gather 4 pieces together. The length of the pieces of wire will depend on how big you want. Heart above measured around 11"

2. Next, twist the wire into one inch sections all the way down. 

3. Open up each of the one inch sections until you have something that resembles a chain.

4. Bend into a heart.
Hang hearts on the wall, on a door knob, glue to a blank card, slip into an envelope, create a garland! The ideas are endless!

I've shared lots of valentine tutorials and projects over the years that have likely gotten lost in my archives! So here are some of my favorite heart themed projects:


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