Monday, February 11, 2013

put a heart on it!

Hearts are all the rage in both adult and kids fashion these days. And even though Valentines Day is around the corner, I say any day is a good day to wear a heart- especially if you are a 16 month old little girl! So I've put together four SUPER fast and easy ways to add a heart to kids clothing!

I love finding ways to use clothing that is too small (but can't part with it) for Lucy. And I also love finding ways to alter new (and cheap clothing). I found some super cute tunics from here and while I loved the stripes, I wasn't crazy about the image. So I decided to cover up the image with a heart made from Lucy's old clothing. Using a little fabric glue, I glued the heart to the surface of the tunic.

I love altering a onesie or t-shirt with doodles and it is as simple as using a permanent marker or fabric marker. I filled a heart with tiny dots and yes, I used a Sharpie. My experience is that a Sharpie typically does not wash out of fabric.

Fabric paint is a wonderful supply for adding fun little details to kids clothing. I added two little hearts to the knees of a pair of white leggings. 

Stamping is just about the fastest and easiest way to add an image to fabric or clothing. I created a large heart stamp out of craft foam and used it to add a heart to a plain white onesie.


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