Friday, February 01, 2013

fashion friday

1. swell 2. forever 21 3.forever 21 4. melissa hamming 5. topshop 6. lyndy harris 7. hello merch 8. toms


Giggles said...

Cute. My daughter has that exact topshop dress with green hearts on it!!! I love it on her!!

Thanks for sharing!!

Hugs Giggles

Venoma said...

Sweet picks!

I got a January outfit recap in my new post, feel free to stop by and share your thoughts <3

Blog: Venoma's fashion diary

Obat Maag Kronis said...

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Estefi López said...

Nice!! I love that dress =)

Lalav said...

I really love everything, but this year I've decided to take inspiration from Valentine's day and refashion some old clothes of mine.. so I have a few sewing/decorating projects going on! That's much more fun than buying brand new ones!

Unknown said...

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