Saturday, February 05, 2011

valentine arm warmers

It is time to start Valentines Day crafting and while I am REALLY resistant to Valentines Day (I don't like anyone telling me when and how to celebrate love) I still enjoy all the fun supplies and heart themed things that can be altered, used in crafts and made into something new!


When I came across these fun Valentines Day socks in the Target dollar bin I couldn't resist buying a handful to transform into some cute arm warmers. This would be a fun kids project or if you are a little funky and whimsical (like yours truly) a great adult project!


Start by cutting up the socks into sections.


Then cut down the side of each section to open up.
Make sure it fits around your arm or wrist by wrapping it around your wrist. If the size is too small, you will need to have enough excess sock fabric to stitch together to create a larger fit (EX- you could stitch two sections together to make 1 large piece) but most socks out there are really stretchy and should work fine.

Lay out the different strips- alternating color and pattern.
(pin together if needed)


Now it is time to sew!
I decided to use red thread

and I started sewing each section together.
I like my stitching on the outside so I used a zig zag stitch along the edge. If you don't like your stitching on the outside simply sew on the inside.


I continued to add each strip of pattern- a total of five for my arm warmers.


Last I folded it in half and sewed up the side- again with the stitching showing on the outside.
I left a thumb hole on each side near the top- optional.






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