Wednesday, February 06, 2013

valentine stones

Stones are one of my favorite surfaces to paint and alter. The best part is that I live across the street from a beach covered in stones- which means they are a free supply! This year I thought they would make a perfect alternative to traditional paper valentines. 

I decided to make a whole bunch of simple and pretty little valentine stones (for the residents in the extended care facility where my grandmother lives).I typically like to paint stones but since I was making a lot, I kept it simple with collage.

1. I started by painting plain white paper with watercolors- I wanted to create a very light wash of color. You could also use colorful or pattern paper!  2. Next I cut out A LOT of little heats- the fast way- folding the paper in half and cutting. 3. Then I doodled a little border on each heart. 4. Last, I added a word.

Using Mod Podge I added the hearts to the surface of colorful painted stones.

I let the stones dry and just like that I have some simple little valentines! A perfect expression of love and something that could be kept year round.

They are a great kid friendly project and really fun to personalize!

I couldn't resist creating a large version but instead of keeping it simple I spent a little time doodling all over my heart and then collaged it to the stone. This one is going to my studio as a doorstop


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