Sunday, October 18, 2009

Sunday Brunch in Photos


  1. Oh i just love when you share your life and art with us! You seem to be as lucky as me in love, congrats! Angelica

  2. Danielle Scott2:42 AM

    It is always wonderful when i see pics of people just enjoying the little things as you are so rightly doing. I myself am enjoying watching my nearly 3 year old daughter sleep and the knowledge that another baby is slowly growing inside me day by day. Have agreat week Alisa and family.

  3. Sigh! I'm a bit jealous because my sweet husband was taking a day off from work to spend quite time with me tomorrow and now that plan has been scrapped. My oldest daughter has come down with something today, so she will be home sick from school tomorrow.
    The gesture was heartwarming.
    It's wonderful to see you guys really connect on a very deep level. Lots of people lose that somewhere along the way.
    Thanks or sharing!

  4. Okay, what is that CUTE bracelet you have on while you are eating toast? Cute photos.

  5. What is that cute bracelet you are wearing eating brunch?



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