Sunday, March 22, 2009

So Much Fun Trespassing!

So I had a pretty GREAT weekend- not only was I really productive but I spent the the morning with my husband roaming around neighborhoods, under bridges, on train tracks and in some kinda scary parts of town- All for my online class- Graffiti Chic. We were doing some filming and photographing some inspiration for the next two weeks of lessons!  

We had SOOOOOO much fun trespassing in places we weren't supposed to go (but all we were doing was taking pictures I promise) exploring our city and trying really hard to stay dry in a "not so San Diego" downpour!  One thing I realized when hunting down graffiti is that the city of San Diego has done a really good job at painting over graffiti.  All the places that we knew we would find amazing stuff had been painted over.  And while I really am supportive of keeping our streets clean I must say I was bummed to see how good of  job our city did covering what I consider art!  Oh well, we had a blast that we topped off with a sinful lunch that I am going to need to eventually burn off (theres always tomorrow!).


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