Monday, October 03, 2016

floral pumpkins

I've been painting pumpkins during the fall for a very long time- so long that I kinda consider myself a pioneer of pumpkin painting! Back in 2010 my pretty painted pumpkins tutorial went viral and since then it has become a yearly tradition of mine to come up with a variety of unique pumpkin tutorials with the hope to inspire others to push the boundaries with creativity and a pumpkin! I've got a few fun ideas coming your way in the weeks ahead and today I am kicking off the season with some floral pumpkins 

While I love fall colors and themes, I wanted to come up with some really pretty, pale and floral pumpkins.

I started by painting my pumpkins white. Keep in mind you can use real pumpkins or you can also use fake pumpkins for this project

I grabbed a handful of fake flowers from the 99 cent store and then I spray painted them with a few layers of pale pink and white.

When the flowers dried, I used a hot glue gun and glued the flowers along the top of my pumpkins.

Last, I used different shades of grey to paint leaves and vines coming down the pumpkin.

The results are pretty floral pumpkins that would be fun to use as decoration, a centerpiece  in a fall wedding, a baby shower or even in home decor that is light and airy!

Looking for more pumpkin decorating inspiration? 

You can read all about what I call "the art of decorating a pumpkin" HERE


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Suman Pandit said...

what a beautiful contrast from the earlier years theme colors Alisa....these are totally different from your usual colors except the awesome doodling !!love the spray painting idea !!

spikgiftsonline said...

Great information .....!!!

thnx for sharing

Gail said...

These are all just lovely, you are so very talented.

Barb said...

I always look forward to you designing and painting on the pumpkins each year. I have followed you for a long time.
It amazes me how you come up with so many different artistic designs. This years is no exception. As always, thanks for sharing with us.

stefanie stark said...

One day your incredible pumpkin art should be exposed in the Metropolitan Museum of Art. All of them are breathtaking and beyond comparison. It was as well your pumpkin art that led me to your blog in 2010. I saw your pretty painted pumpkins on apartmenttherapy and followed the link to your blog and I'll never forget that moment because from that moment not a day went by without visiting your blog. I love your art, your online classes and the way how you transmit your art to the world. Thank you so much for this wonderful inspiration!

Anonymous said...

Oh so pretty! Your porch must be the talk of the neighborhood come Halloween. = )

S. Hansen said...

You are so inspiring. I am helping my daughter plan for a fall wedding for NEXT year and this is so adaptable for whatever colors she may choose. Thanks so much.

Robin Cooper said...

Love your pumpkins!!!

PCovi said...

Just so beautiful!!


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