Monday, September 30, 2013

lace inspired pumpkins

Fall is here and for the last few years I have a tradition of coming up with a variety of unique pumpkin tutorials for my readers! I like to use pumpkins in my fall decorating and since I am not a big fan of traditional carved pumpkins, I challenge myself to get as creative as possible with all kinds of supplies.

Here we go...another pumpkin tutorial for those of you looking for unique and creative ways to decorated those fall pumpkins! I created today's tutorial with the hope to inspire you to see just how creative you can get with a few simple supplies!

I was inspired to use drawings and doodles in white to create the look and feel of white lace. 

I started by painting my pumpkins in black- I knew a dark background would make all those white lines really POP! 

Once the paint was dry I used a white paint pen to draw lace inspired designs all over the surface.

I am so happy with the result and have already put these pumpkins to use as a centerpiece on the table!

Here is run down of all the pumpkins tutorials over the years. Its been a blast getting creative with such a simple materials and I can't wait for more fun with pumpkins next year!

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