Thursday, October 25, 2012

beach pumpkins

IMG_3048 copy

I come from a surfing family (and I am married to a surfer) so for my final fall pumpkin project I couldn't resist creating a few whimsical beach themed pumpkins! 

For those who have asked what I do with my pumpkins- I actually use them through November in home decor, I will also use them as a center piece on the table and even give them away to friends and family. 

For those who have asked if its sad to throw them out when the time comes- the answer is no. I actually love creating art/craft that is temporary. There is something quite beautiful to me about a creative project that have a shelf life!

Here is run down of all the pumpkins tutorials over the years. Its been a blast getting creative with such a simple materials and I can't wait for more fun with pumpkins next year!

1. black and white pumpkins 2. finger painted pumpkins 3. pattern pumpkins 4. geometric pumpkins 5. sketchbook pumpkins 6. messy pumpkins 7. pretty painted pumpkins


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