Wednesday, October 05, 2016

creating with mary- paint brushes for lettering

Hi, friends!
Very often I get asked this question - what type of paintbrushes do I use for lettering?
So today I wanted to take a moment to share with you a peek at my tools!

As you can see from this photo- my brushes are very loved. I always end up leaving them brush-side down in water...this is what typically happens when my son wakes from his nap and I very quickly take off my artist hat to put my mama hat back on. I guess I'm telling you this to say that you don't have to have the best of the very best in order to create beautiful lettering!

I like to keep several different sizes of short handled round brushes on hand for my lettering needs, which vary depending on the project. I find the short handles easiest to work with, especially on smaller canvases or in my art journal.

Dick Blick is my favorite place to order from - so many options! (  I am pretty sure I order a different combination of brushes every time. I like to experiment and try new things! Although I do always stay within the acrylic family since I use acrylic paint almost exclusively.

My lettering tends to be on the messy and imperfect side. I rarely ever plan out placement or size, which I love because it helps me to live in the moment of simply just creating.  In creating this way, too, your heart becomes visible rather than your brain. There's something so beautiful about that.

The most important piece of advice I have to give when it comes to lettering is just to practice! Practice and then practice some more. Inside each of us lies the most unique and gorgeous hand lettering abilities. This moment/today/this week (whenever you find time to fit it in) is the perfect time to begin. I'd absolutely love to see what you create! Tag me on Instagram so I can follow along! 

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Helmi said...

Thanks for sharing. It's a very nice blogpost

Terri said...

Very inspiring to see such fun hand lettering! I really want to practice more, and do it unplanned. Thanks for sharing!

Mia Bloom Designs said...

Very timely blogpost. I've been thinking about practicing lettering to start incorporating it in my art. A nice reminder that I don't need special brushes,etc to practice. Thanks, Mary!

malissa said...

these are all beautiful. very inspiring!

Debz said...

I have never tried this, so I will have a go, thank you for sharing.

Diana said...

Lovely! Thank you!


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