Thursday, November 05, 2015

playing with watercolor markers

I use a lot of different supplies and once in a while I like to share new products and materials that I am currently playing with! Something I am having lots of fun with is the Windsor & Newton watercolor markers (this post is not sponsored). I saw them in a local art supply store and and thought they might be a fun supply to experiment with.
What I really like is that you can buy one at a time or you can purchase them in packs of 6 or 12. I really like selecting my own colors instead of buying packs and there are SO many colors to pick from- over 30 which means you get a lot of variety.

They have are double ended with a fine point and a brush tip.

They work a lot like watercolor pencils where you can draw with them but you can also dilute them with water and brush. 

As my long time readers know, I love using regular markers and water soluble pens for drawing and diluting with water. But these pens were are made to be diluted so they are really rich and more saturated than regular markers.

I've been having a lot of fun playing with them in different ways! They are really fun to use for creating blended backgrounds.

I also like using them to add color to my drawings. 
They are intermixable with watercolor paint so you can use them to add details or pops of color to watercolors paintings.

One of my favorite ways to use them is to create colorful scribbled backgrounds. Lucy really likes this process too!
I fill my background with colorful expressive scribbles and then add water. The result is color but with a little bit of texture.

These are my favorite backgrounds to draw on top of because all that color and texture shows through!

I think it is pretty safe to say that we are totally enjoying these markers and while they are not cheap, even a couple of colors would make a great addition to any mixed media supply stockpile!


Elisabetta Brustio said...

Anche io ne ho acquistata una scatola economica per sperimentare con il mio piccolo. Ho subito notato che Samuele e Lucy impugnano il pennarello nello stesso modo...

I also I have bought a box for economic experiment with my little one. I immediately noticed that Samuel and Lucy wield the pen in the same way ...

Anonymous said...

I have seen those markers in my local art supply shop a couple of times. I wasn´t sure what to think about them (and they are quite expensive), so I haven´t tried them out yet. But your results looks great. They seem to be very versatile. Maybe I should give it a go.

Brig said...

Alisa, do you think these have a better flow than the cheaper kids felt pens/textas that you can buy? I find some of the cheaper brands fantastic for adding water to afterwards but others a little bit more resistant to water. Without using them myself, these look much like the affects you can get with cheaper versions. The only difference I'm thinking might be a bonus (besides possibly being a better flow and vibrancy) would be the colour range there would be with Winsor and Newton. I hope this makes sense. I know you've used a lot of different mediums and brands and price ranges. I just love the way you try out new approaches to things for different affects.

Alisa Burke said...

I also love using the kids pens and I would say that these are better only because they seem to have more saturated color and the color options are amazing. But they are expensive so I would recommend trying a couple of colors before splurging on an entire set. I did find that the blues and the red/pinks were WAY more saturated and seemed better than the yellow and green shades.

Unknown said...

ohhh Christmas wish list!! id love to get some of these

viel-krempel said...

I love love love your blog.
This year I created pumpkins-alisa-style with my daughter and her friends.
Greetings from germany.

Lindsey Strehlow said...

Hi! I am a fellow creative blogger (though I am just getting started) and I have just found your blog and LOVE it!
Thank you for your beautiful images and ideas! Can't wait to look more into your blog and discover new ideas and inspirations!
Thank you!



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