Thursday, March 12, 2015

stamped leather cuffs

As most of you know, I love finding all kinds of ways to use my stamps. After stamping on wood, clay, leaves and metal I thought it would be fun to create simple stamped leather cuffs!
All you need is-
  • Permanent stamping ink- I like StazOn. Permanent ink enables you to stamp on just about any surface without rubbing off
  • Your favorite stamps. I used my own line of rubber stamps- I designed all my stamp sets with the intention of creating layers of pattern on a surface.
  • Leather cuffs (I got mine here)

The rest is as simple as covering the surface of the leather cuff with stamps!


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very pretty! loving these designs ;)

Setup Business in Delhi said...

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Moois van mie said...

They look great ! But I wonder if the paint stays on the leather ?

Kathleen Kibblehouse said...

Love the stacked look of all these. I am vegan, so I might try mine on some finished canvas. If you have other ideas along that line, I'd love to hear them! See you in class on Monday. Can't wait.

Alisa Burke said...

Since the StazOn ink will work on any surface you could use vinyl, pleather, canvas, even metal! Lots of options!


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