Tuesday, June 25, 2013

stampin' FUN!

I receive all kinds of inquiries about how to mount and use rubber stamps and since I have a new batch of stamps in the shop, I thought it would be fun to dedicate a post to some of my favorite tips and techniques for using rubber stamps (any kind of rubber stamps).

Please note- I am not a traditional stamper- instead I am always looking to use my stamps in new and creative ways in my art and crafting projects!

Since I use stamps for a variety of different projects I like to keep the mounting process simple and economic! In my opinion, you can pretty much mount a stamp to just about anything but I prefer acrylic blocks (you can see what you are doing better) and craft foam. These are the two materials that I use in my own stamping.

I simply spray the back of the rubber stamp with spray mount. It gets the back side of the stamp nice and tacky and you are able to stick it to anything! Its also easy to peel off and switch out different designs. 

If I am working with clay I keep my stamps unmounted.

I am obsessed with pattern and all of my stamp designs were created with pattern in mind! I like to fill a surface (my favorite is brown craft paper) by repeating and overlapping the different designs. This concept is perfect for creating wrapping paper, decorative paper or fabric.

When you think of stamping you don't usually think of watercolors but you can get some really beautiful effects!

I paint my color directly onto the stamp and then start stamping! Stamping into a wet surface will cause the design to bleed and it's beautiful! Stamping into a dry surface will get you a more clean print.

There are all kinds of really cool inks out there for stamping and my favorite is permanent ink made for all surfaces. I love using this ink to create unique stamped accessories from a variety of materials (wood, plastic, metal).

I love finding simple and unique surfaces to stamp on! Stamping on masking tape is such a great way to create your own decorative tape (but on a budget!).

My parents are potters which means I have a special place in my heart for clay. Unmounted stamps can be used to create texture, pattern or an imprint in all kinds of clay projects.

I think my favorite way to use stamps it to cut the designs out and turn then into something new. From tags to wreaths to garlands there are SO many different ways to craft with cut out stamps!

To view all of my unmounted rubber stamps and my hand carved stamps you can visit my shop HERE!


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