Monday, August 05, 2013

stamp rubbings

I am always looking for new ways to create unique mixed media backgrounds and recently it dawned on me that I could use rubber stamps to make rubbings. The stamp is placed underneath a piece of paper (thin paper is best) and then you lighting rub your pen or pencil over the top to reveal the design of your stamps. The result is much different than traditional stamping because you are able the achieve all kinds of wonderful texture. Here is a peek into the process...

Markers work great for making a rubbing but I found that a dried out marker worked even better! I added a flower stamp rubbing to the entire surface of painted paper to create pattern.

I used a white crayon to create a resist.

And then painted over the top with watercolors to reveal the design.

A pencil rubbing makes a soft and pretty imprint.

Using a variety of colored pencils creates a beautiful effect.

Repeat rubbings all over the surface with different materials to create unique pattern!

You can find all stamps used in my shop HERE!


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