Thursday, December 05, 2013

stampin FUN!

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And speaking of stamps, did you know that stamping is one of the easiest ways to create handmade wrapping paper, tags or even cards? Yep, with the holidays here it's time to start thinking about wrapping gifts. Since I haven't purchased wrapping paper in over 15 years (I always make my own). I've gathered a few of my favorite stamping ideas to get you inspired to get you stamping this holiday season!

Rolling pins are a great everyday supply that can be used to create pattern on a surface. You can glue just about anything to the surface of a rolling pin and then load it with paint and roll it across the surface for fast pattern! 
Check out a tutorial HERE

Erasers are some the easiest (and cheapest) materials to carve into stamps! Simply use a carving chisel or even an exacto knife to carve pattern into the surface.

As I have mentioned in previous posts, I like to use ANYTHING round as a stamp to create pattern and repetition on my surface. Cups, pen caps, cookie cutters and jar lids are all everyday things can be used as round stamps!

Cardboard rolls might be my favorite supply for stamping because they are so versatile! You can bend them into shapes, turn them into rolling pins, glue texture to the surface and the best part is that they are free! Check out a tutorial HERE

Believe it or not you can actually create stamps with hot glue (or any heavy duty glue) by drawing with the glue onto the surface or cardboard, craft foam or any durable surface. Ink it up just like a normal stamp and while you won't get a perfect imprint, you will get some really interesting texture and pattern.

Just about any fruit or vegetable can be used as a stamp. Cut things open and make use of the natural shape or carve up the surface to create something unique!


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