Tuesday, November 05, 2013

my favorite everyday things- for painting

A big part of my painting process involves creating LOTS of layers full of color, pattern and texture! So I always have a variety of everyday things on hand to grab as I paint layer after layer. Here are a few of my favorites:

I will use just about anything round to dip in paint and use as a stamps. I love the look of circles repeated over and over again in between all my layers of paint and texture! From plastic cups to pen caps to paint lids, cardboard rolls and more- I always have something round on hand. 

Bubble wrap is one of my absolute favorite things to use for creating fast pattern and texture.

Kitchen utensils make some of the best stamps and mark making tools. From wisks to forks and knives to rolling pins and cookie cutters- our kitchen drawers are one of my favorite places to go shopping for supplies!

While I don't like to paint with cheap foam brushes, I do like to use them for mark making. The edge of a foam brush might be the perfect tool for adding lines, making marks and creating pattern.

Sometimes it's fun to change the way that I apply paint to a surface. If I am not using a brush or my hands I am using my brayer- it works great for applying thin layers of color and will even transfer pattern and texture.

Currently I am obsessed with dry wall tape. I use it as a stamp and a stencil and love the delicate grid that it creates.

Yarn or any type of string or fiber is one of my favorite materials for creating free form lines with paint. I like to wrap yarn around a cardboard roll and roll it in paint and across my surface.

marks from Alisa Burke on Vimeo.

Never underestimate everyday things that can be put to use in your creative projects!


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