Friday, December 20, 2013

last minute hair pins

The holiday season often means going to events and that means getting all dolled up! It also means running out of time to shop for a festive outfit and accessories! One of my favorite ways to add instant pizazz to just about any outfit is with colorful and fun hair accessories. But who needs to go shopping when you can quickly create your own from supplies that have on hand!

All you need are bobby pins (or your favorite kind of hair pin or clip) and some heavy duty glue or epoxy.

Next, try to find some everyday things that can be transformed into a fun embellishment.

Other materials that could be used- beads, old jewelry, fabric, lace, ribbon, glitter, scrapbook embellishments, stones, washi tape and more!

Keep in mind that a lot of everyday materials are not going to be heavy duty or weather proof but that is ok- the point is getting creative fast with what you have on hand!

Paper flowers are trending right now and while they typically get used for party decor or gift toppers, they make unique hair pins. Use colorful paper (tissue paper, crepe paper, butcher paper) to create flowers in different shapes and sizes. Glue those flowers to bobby pins and add a pop of whimsy to any outfit!

Head outside and grab a twig off of a tree, spray paint it gold and glue to a bobby pin. You have a fast (almost free) romantic hair embellishment!

Yarn pom poms are so easy (and addicting) to make for a variety of projects. I love adding them to a bobby pin to create a colorful and quirky hair accessory.

I love anything with an arrow so I grabbed a couple of toothpicks, some scrap paper and a little paint to create two cute arrows pins. 


Sue Marrazzo Fine Art said...


Vreeni said...

great ideas. great gifts. lovely colours. i need to try this, too ;)

vreeni von freak in you


Just Awesome :)

Melissa said...

Omg, awesome!!!! Do you have any tutorials on how to do the flowers and pom poms, so do so cute!! Ttfs, I love this!


Claudia said...

These would look so cute on Lucy!

studioGypsy said...

Oh sooo cute!! Will have to do this with my girls!! Xoxo


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