Thursday, December 19, 2013

give the gift of learning

Christmas is getting down to the wire- YIKES and if you are burned out on malls and running around shopping, why not try giving the gift of learning! These days there are retreats, classes and e-courses for just about every interest and I have put together a handful of some learning opportunities that would make a great gift!

1. I have never met Misty Mawn in person but we do travel in many of the same creative circles and I know that she teaches amazing, soulful and inspiring classes. Her latest online class Full Circle sounds wonderful! It is 12 weeks of instruction with 3 postings a week. From Drawing, to Painting, to Sculpting, to Journaling, to Writing, to iPhoneography this online class would be a wonderful gift for any artist.

2. Feast is a San Francisco start up dedicated to teaching people basic cooking skills online. They offer a super cool online class called Feast Bootcamp where you can learn about cooking but even more important, learn how to embrace the habit of cooking. I LOVE this concept and the class would make an amazing gift for the non chef!

3. Fun fact about me: I come from a surfing family and spent my high school years working at the local surf shop here on the Oregon Coast! Fast forward 20 years and my former boss and friend now runs Northwest Women's Surf Camps- a really unique surf camp for women here on the Oregon Coast. From surf lessons to girls getaways to immersion retreats there are TONS of options for leaning to surf. This spring they are even offering a week long retreat in Kauai (swoon) and even better- for the next month,
special rebate discounts are being offered. Booking with a girlfriend, both will receive 
$150 off. Book solo and receive $100 off.

4. Not ready to hit the yoga studio in person? How about an online Yoga class in the privacy of your own home? 30 Days of Yoga from Marianne Elliot is a class where you can download the course and work according to your own needs. This would make a FABULOUS gift for those busy mamas out there.

5. My friend and fellow teacher Carla Sonheim is one of the most creative and whimsical artists out there- I love everything that she does and her latest online class Year of the Fairytale is year long class dedicated to learning, creating and finding inspiration from fairy tales. 

6. Hand lettering is all the rage these days and this online class- The Art of Modern Calligraphy from Molly Jacques  on SkillShare is the perfect class to get started with lettering. Everything from learning about the structure of letters to using different pens, to creating your own alphabet, this class is sure to inspire all kinds of creative people!

7. Just a few miles away from where I live is EVOO a cooking school in Cannon Beach, Oregon dedicated to a unique learning and eating experience! From cooking classes to dinner shows, the experience is inspiring and delicious and would make a SUPER awesome gift for the foodie (or traveler looking to eat and explore) the Oregon Coast!

8. I am a photography junkie and one of my favorite places for inspiration and learning is the Define School an online resource for photographers looking to learn from fellow photographers. With a variety of online classes year round there are all kinds of fun opportunities for photographers.

9. Teesha and Tracy Moore (once again) have created somethings totally unique, groundbreaking and creative- The Astronauts Club. For $5 per month (yep only $5) you subscribe to an online community full of inspiration, online classes, downloads and more! I think a subscription would make the BEST stocking stuffer for mixed media artists!


Ami said...

You are so amazingly generous & inspiring! I expected this to be a post about *your* next year's classes, at least one of which I hope to take. Instead, it's a shout-out to other artists, which is also wonderful. And your free holiday play course was beautiful. Thank you for all you do & all you give.

studioGypsy said...

You are beautiful!! Thx for these... someday i will have to do the surf camp!! Sounds like a blast!! Xoxo

Unknown said...

What a GREAT idea!! I know I personally would love the calligraphy, fairytale...and maybe even the yoga class if it could be modified for disabled... thanks!


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