Tuesday, January 13, 2015

liquid watercolors

I work a lot with watercolors and I've tried just about everything but recently I've taken a shine to bottles of liquid watercolors. I think liquid watercolors are often associated with kids and classroom projects but I love having bottles of color on hand for bigger and messy watercolors projects.

There are all kinds of different brands but I like the 8oz bottles of Blick Liquid Watercolors. They are affordable and offer a variety of really beautiful saturated color. 

The cool thing about liquid watercolors is that you can use them straight from the bottle (really saturated) or you can water them down. You can even mix up your own colors. What I love most about them is that they are much easier to use with larger surfaces and messy mixed media techniques. Instead of being limited to small pan of color or tiny tube of paint (like most watercolors) you can use them a lot like you use acrylic paint! Here are a few ways that I am using my liquid watercolors.

I love filling a background with a wash of watercolor and using liquid color makes it WAY easier because you can fill a cup to dip large brushes.

You can easily create a stamp pad from a damp sponge by pouring color into the sponge. While this method is not good for rubber stamps, it works really well when using alternative items for stamping (cardboard rolls, vegi stamps, bubble wrap or anything with texture).

When I am painting with acrylics, I use a brayer to quickly fill a background with color. This same technique can also be used with liquid watercolors.

I love splattering and dripping and having larger quantities of liquid color to work with makes this process so much easier!

Since all that color is in liquid form, it is really easy to use it to fill spray misters, spray bottles, daubers and even water brushes. 

Looking for more watercolor inspiration...


livethegoldenrule said...

Oh you clever woman!!! Love these techniques! Just checked out your link, and they really are cheap. :D Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!!!

Unknown said...

Amazing works :)

Lisa Oceandreamer Swifka said...

I use my Blick liquid watercolor in pentel aquash water brushes - they work great when working in an art journal.

I'm Sara. said...

I love watercolors and especially splattering them. This would be perfect. Thanks for sharing!

studioGypsy said...

oh! those bottles look fabulous!! :D xoxo

iHanna said...

They look cool, I haven't even seen these here (in Sweden) yet, so I doubt they are available everywhere. I'll just have to do with regular watercolors, but as I got a new set for Christmas, I'm a happy girl anyway.

Unknown said...

I've been using these exact same paints for a year now. They only thing about them is they are dye based and some pens don't work well over them, like gel pens. They work a little different then regular pigment based water colors. You can get some amazing effects with them though.

Masha_V said...

So simple and very nice!!! Thanks

Stephanie said...

So fab! Great ideas. Thanks Alisa

Andria said...

Great post, Alisa. I found out about liquid watercolors over the past summer, getting ready for some kids' art workshops I was teaching. I didn't even know they existed before that! They are fun to use for fruit and vegetable prints. I also just discovered the rubber cement resist technique you link to...I love that! I use a thin-tipped black Sharpie pen to outline the lines made by the rubber cement, and the effect is really striking.

Megan P. Ernst said...

Thanks for sharing these techniques! I've seen liquid watercolors before, but had no idea what to even do with them... Next time I'll give these a try. :)

Carol McCready said...

What a fun product. I'll have to try some out for myself.

Brig said...

Wow, thank you for sharing. I've used water colours over the years and even watered down acrylics and other mediums to get similar affects but last year for Christmas, I hinted at a set of Ecoline Inks which I was lucky enough to receive. These sound similar to that but, as you say, are in larger quantities which would suit me a LOT better. I love the vibrant colours you can get from Ecoline Inks (I used to use them in college – mainly for airbrush techniques – 20 odd years ago) so the Blick would suit me to a tee!!! I'm gunna get myself some of those now!!! Thank you again. You're full of good ideas. :0)

mergie said...

I live close to a Blick Art store & can't wait to try those watercolors. This store is like a grown up toy store! I could spend a lot of time & money there.(ok, I do).

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