Thursday, January 23, 2014

the art of blogging: my favorite tips

Blogging has played a huge role in the evolution of my creative business. What began back in 2005 as a way to document my journey as an artist, has grown into something I never could have imagined! I currently have millions of readers all over the world, my blog has enabled me to generate income for my creative business and many of my posts and projects have "gone viral" or been picked up by a variety of media outlets. Needless to say I've learned a lot about the art of blogging and while I am not an expert, I do have all kinds of tips and valuable information to share!

My latest class The Art of Blogging is in full swing and while I can't give everything away, I thought it would be fun to put together a "mini lesson" here on my blog. So I have gathered 6 of my favorite blogging tips and instead of writing it all down (too lazy) I've put it into video. Try and imagine we are sitting down together for a conversation all about blogging!

Just a word of warning: this video is 28 minutes long and I talk a lot and share A LOT of information. So if you don't have the time or the patience to watch me blab, feel free to skip 
to the bloopers at the end or read the summary below :)


1. DEFINE WHO YOU ARE: Take some time to really reflect on who you are what sets you apart from other people. Ask yourself a few questions- 
  • Why do you blog?
  • What are your blogging goals?
  • What unique experiences, talents, gifts, passion, and knowledge do you have to share?
  • How can you use those uniques things in your blog content? 
  • What kind of people do you want to read your blog?

2. LOOK INTO YOUR LIFE FOR INSPIRATION: Your life is the best place to look for inspiration and ideas for blogging content. Start taking notice of the things that you do and write them down. They don't have to be special or extraordinary, they simply have to be things from your life. Once you have a big list, you can then go back and really take time to think about how you could turn some of those things into blog content. 

3. LOOK FOR TREND NOT IDEAS: If you need to use the internet for inspiration don't get caught up in copying or using someone's ideas- instead try looking for trends that you can use a starting point and then add your twist. 

4. TAKE GREAT PHOTOS: Photography is what will really make your content stand out! 
  • Make a little time to learn and experiment with taking photos. 
  • Play with light, angles and creative ways to document your content. 
  • Keep a camera on hand at all times. You never know when you might stumble on something special!

5. GREAT CONTENT IS THE BEST KIND OF MARKETING: Use social media to market your blog but try to find ways to come up with content that will keep readers coming back for more!

6. TAKE TIME TO GET ORGANIZED: A big part of planning and creating great blog content is staying organized.Treat the blogging process like a job with goals, steps, planning and a schedule:
  • Make a list
  • Keep a blogging calendar
  • Stick to a schedule
  • Create content in advance


jinxxxygirl said...

Whew! That sounds too much like a job. I guess thats not what i'm looking for. I just want a friendly chat with some people that have the same interests as me. Or even different interests. Thanks though
Alisa you really made me think about what i want from blogging. Hugs! deb

Unknown said...

jestem zachwycona tym filmikiem ;-)

Carin said...

Great post and video Alisa! And great tips. And you being you and not fitting into the mold of every other blogger out there is exactly why we love you and follow you :)

Sue Marrazzo Fine Art said...

Thanks for the tips... I too like to blog!
I still have lots to learn...have a GOOD Day!

Anonymous said...

Ohhhh this is perfect, this is perfect, this is perfect! Thank you!!!!
And oh my goodness, you are the cutest, haha. I enjoyed this video - very helpful! I'm excited to try and utilize these ideas. :D

Jan Priddy, Oregon said...


mergie said...

Hi Alisa. Thanx for the tips. But the ring you're wearing is fantastic! I bet you made it. Is there a tutorial or something about it?
Thank You

Elisabetta Brustio said...

Grazie Alisa per le tue dritte!
Spesso chi fa qualche cosa di bello come te, non ama spiegare come lo ha fatto: ma è così bello condividere!Si imparano un sacco di cose senza filtri nè barriere!
Purtroppo la mia paura si è avverata: ho delle grosse lacune di comprensione dell'inglese... quindi non posso godere appieno del tuo splendido video... avresti potuto parlare in turco e sarebbe stato uguale!!!! :) Sono riuscita a capire bene il riassunto scritto!!!Potresti pensare di fare una dispensa scritta (e ovviamente venderla anche come PDF on-line)????
Se vuoi ti aiuto gratuitamente ad impaginarla!!!Ma i contenuti li devi scrivere tu!Sei tu la Maestra!
Grazie ancora! Elisabetta

Thanks Alisa for your straight!
Often those who make something as beautiful as you, does not like to explain how he did it, but it's so nice to share! You learn a lot of things without filters nor barriers!
Unfortunately, my fear has come true: I have some big gaps in understanding of English... (also in writing!!!) so I can not fully enjoy your wonderful video ... you could speak turkish and would have been the same!! :) I was able to understand the written summary! Can you think of doing a pantry written (and obviously also sell it as a PDF online)??
If you want I offer a free help to set it graphically! However, the content you have to write them yourself! Are you a Teacher!
Thank you again! Elisabetta

Anonymous said...

alisa, i am blown away by your giving spirit. you just "gave away" content that some have charged over $200 for. you share tips and process photos all the time but you keep it real AND so beautiful and fresh. to me, THAT is another thing that sets you apart. that is the heart of a true teacher. thank you so much!!

Stacy's Paper Crafts said...

Alisa you are so generous to share such a wealth of information with us! Thank you!

Joanne said...

thanks for the video, great info! Love to see your beautiful face!! I just love visiting your blog every day for great inspiration and makes me smile ;)

cindy carpenter said...

thank you for generously sharing...i have been following about 100 creatvie blogs for a couple of years now....there are a handful that i will never skip and your is one of them...and...i wear my wonderful alisa burke scarf almost every day....:)

Unknown said...

Thank you so much for sharing these tips. Sometimes I rely too much on what others are doing and I need to focus inward. Have a great day!

Leacayoungart said...

nice post. i blog mostly for friends and family but i still like it to be interesting to them. they mostly want pictures of alaska, so that is what most of my content is. this video was very helpful.

the Domina said...

Thanks so much for the tips - I know creating art takes a ton of time, and doing that with kids even more so! (I have four and am trying to figure this out for myself). Running a business and maintaining a great, you are just vying for the title of Superwoman, aren't you?Keep up the good work - we love seeing what you do!

Breesmimi said...

Alisa, you are amazingly generous in sharing this information with your readers. Thank you so much for the great tips and for the inspiration you provide to your blog community. Blogging as you do on a daily basis with toddler in tow and being an artist is a huge commitment of time and it is appreciated greatly. Thank you!

Ellen said...

I am not a blogger but thoroughly enjoyed this video. Your tips were great just for learning how to better define myself as an artist. I read your blog everyday and I am always filled with inspiration. Thank you!!

sannimade said...

Alisa, this is such a great and inspiring video!! I so love the outtakes at the end!! *loool* :-D
Thanks for sharing all your precious experiences! I'm definitely gonna keep those in mind as a blogger!

Thanks a million! <3
Have a great weekend!

Love, Sanni (c:

Patricia said...

Dear Alisa,
Thank you for the inspiration!!!

Karla said...

This is such awesome information! Thank you so much for sharing and being so generous with your gifts and talents!

Sarah said...

I just wanted to post a quick comment and say that your personality really shines through in this video! Very engaging, and I really enjoyed it, thank you! I will definitely take one of your classes once life is a little less hectic. I am excited to see your career blossom!

Emma Moss said...

Thank you! Perfect timing! I'm just thinking of starting a blog, to spur me into be creative again,and your tips are going to come in very handy, particularly as I have a part time job and a full time job as a Mummy! Notes have been taken!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for all of the great tips! Something that was particularly needed right now!


gkgirl said...

i absolutely love this...
i have been blogging for about 8 years now but have never pushed it
very hard...
i find it hard to define what i want my blog to be as i feel like there are two sides of me I want to share, but I am not sure i want to share them on the same blog to the same gave me a lot to think about. :)
(and LOVED the little blooper reel at the end!)

Katie Berberich Handmade said...

Alisa, your video was incredible from beginning till end. I first found your Blog about a month before you became a Mamma and I've been hooked ever since.
You are unique, inspiring, incredibly talented and what I love most is your honesty.
I love to Blog and I think your class is just what I need to keep motivated. It's so easy to get on with "that other thing" I had to do. You prove everyday that it's "doable" and that to me alone -is eye-opening, fresh and magical.
Thank you so much, for being you.


Romina said...

Thanks for sharing this!!! It was veryinteresting!!!

Carin Winkelman said...

Finally got some time to really sit down for this. Thank you so much. I love your 'backwards' philosophy on things like marketing and enjoyed hearing a bit more about what goes on 'behind' the blog.
Also loved the bloopers at the end! ;-)

sammysgrammy said...

Indescribably delicious - thank you so much for sharing - invaluable insights.

Unknown said...

This was so great. Thanks of much for the great insights and thanks for letting me in on knowing that you are still learning and growing too. Sometimes I think everyone has it all figured out but me. I have a brand new little blog and am learning as I go. Check it out. I would love some more feedback. I love your blog and I have to say my favorite posts are the ones about doing art with your daughter. I have 3 little girls and really want to have some messy art time with them. Thanks for the inspiration.

Donna said...

Alisa, this was GREAT!!! I just loved this so much. I've been trying to blog for awhile, without much success or dedication!
You've inspired me as always!
Psst... loved your bloopers ;)

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