Monday, January 27, 2014

paper hearts

If there is one thing I have A LOT of- it is handmade paper! Painted paper, messy paper, stamped paper, Lucy's scribbled paper, doodled paper- you name it I have it because I rarely throw anything creative away! So since Valentines Day is around the corner I wanted to put all my paper to use to create some fun little paper hearts!

1. I gathered up all of my favorite papers. This was the perfect opportunity to use the huge stash of Lucy's drawings that we have saved! 2. Next, I cut out hearts with two sides (front and a back). 3. Then I created simple little wings from card stock. 
The last step was to glue around the edges, the front and back of the heart with hot glue and leave an opening. I stuffed the paper heart with a little bit of stuffing and then glued the opening shut. The result is a colorful little stuffed paper heart with wings- perfect to slip into a pocket, a lunch bag or an envelope!


senem said...

very lovely tutorial :)

Els04 said...

great idea!!!

livethegoldenrule said...

Just beautiful!! How about connecting them together? Would be a cute bunting. <3

Eniko said...

What a brilliant way to save your daughter's drawings!

Magda said...

beautiful unique hearts
great idea :)

Anonymous said...

love this tutorial - the hearts are adorable and what a great use of handmade papers!


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