Monday, November 15, 2010

black and white numbers pillow tutorial



I love ANYTHING black and white and when I set out to plan my blog project for ilovetocreate this month, I knew it HAD to be black and white and it had to be another pillow (I truly have a pillow addiction!) As I have mentioned in previous posts, our house (not my studio) is all white with black accents and a few pops of color. I like to change up the pillows on our white couch and for a while I've had the idea to create a very bold and graphic pillow with lots of contrast.


I started with a black t-shirt. I needed dark fabric and wasn't in the mood to go the store so I upcycled an old t-shirt!

I cut it into a square.

I decided to use Tulip's "spirit" iron on transfers. A product that would typically get used for clothing or more athletic themed projects were PERFECT to use in a completely different way.

I cut them out and placed them around the fabric in different directions.

I ironed each of the numbers onto the surface.

Once they were cool, I peeled the backing off.



Next, I pinned the front and back right sides facing together and sew the edges down.

I turned the pillow right side out, stuffed and sewed the opening together.

And there you have it- a black and white pillow to add to my lovely collection of pillows.

p.s. it even matches our cat Jack :)


connie said...

I love this pillow. Text is so cool and black and white is wonderful. I had to forward the photo with your kitty to my daughter, her cat Juno looks just the same. :-) Have a good one.

Erum Tasneem said...

LOL Hi Jack! LOVE the pillow Alisa! The numbers look perfect and bold!

Saraccino said...

Pillow addictions are dangerous.. I have one too... and now my little (not so little anymore ^^) sister has also adopted on for her shared flat now being a student ;)

Your pillow is great! Could live with me (and my black cats) also ^^

Jessica at Me Sew Crazy said...

Loving the pillow collection, the bold numbers against the feminine flowers, against wild animal print. Well done!

jgr said...

SO cool . . . as always. I'm sure your house is gorgeous and unique. Jack is the perfect accent too!

britt said...

nice and super simple! love it!

Art by Darla Kay said...

Great project and wonderful final piece! Love that it matches the kitty :)

Anonymous said...

Don't you mean for the pinning and sewing to be "right sides together"?

LOVE the pillow!

Roben-Marie said...

Wow! This is so cool and I love those numbers!!! Thanks!

whyducks said...


Kate Robertson said...


I just love color but also black and white too, I even have a border collie. I loved your tutorial and all the other pillows look great together.

Ubu! said...

Great idea! Thanks for sharing!

Stephanie said...

how sweet. we had a black and white cat named jack too. He's now in kitty heaven.

Jackie said...

love the numbers and the pillows! "Jack" is such a great name!

Judith said...

What a great idea! And your cat is matching well (-: !!

Herm said...

Love your pillows, especially the one with the "green eyes"!!!

Natalie Call said...

I love this! Totally my style. Thanks for sharing this! I think I already have too many pillows at my house, I may need to replace one for this.


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