Monday, June 21, 2010

Altered Straw Purse Tutorial

I am currently waiting to board a plane bound for Colorado and the photoshoot for my book! I will be blogging from the road and have all kinds of things to share but today I have a quick and easy tutorial to start the week.

I frequent the Target dollar section and right now they have a whole bunch of kids straw bags for cheap. At first I passed them by because they were too small for a beach bag but then I got to thinking- with a couple of changes they would make a great little handbag!

I had an old pleather jacket (yes pleather- from my college days) that was really beat up and perfect to use to create leather looking applique leaves to embellish the bag.

I cut out leaf shaped pieces...

that I backed with paper for stability and then stitched the surface to look like leaves.

Once the surface of my leaves were done, I hand sewed the leaves to the surface of the bag- time consuming but a perfect project to work on lounging on the couch watching a movie :)


I have a variety of purse handles and I picked a wooden set that would match my bag.

Next I cut the straw handles off the straw bag.


and then used the straw pieces to sew the wooden handles on,

by hand.

And there you have it- an EASY and CHEAP straw purse!!
(This might be one of my favorite purse projects so far- so simple and chic!)



DANY said...

fantastic! questa borsa รจ meravigliosa.
baci Dany

Tanya said...


whyducks said...

How fabulous, your brain is so full of clever stuff.

Terri Kahrs said...

Tres chic, tres cheap! LOVE it! Happy travels! Hugs, Terri

chrissy said...


Emily said...

I'm not crazy about straw, but this is super CUTE! Great job:)

Emily said...

p.s. I especially love the leaves- I def had pleather from my college days too- wish I didn't so hastily give it away to Goodwill:)

teri said...

Brilliant!!!! Thanks for sharing!

Gloria said...

How very cool, Alisa! And another tutorial so quickly. You rock!
Best of luck with the photography on your new book.

Sandra M. said...

It' so cute ! I love your job.

studio pashnada said...

I love to alter straw purses. Well, actually ANY premade purse or tote.
I really like the handles you chose.

mamila said...

been fantastic, congratulations. you very creativeI'll follow you.

Mosaic Magpie said...

Very Cute! Great idea that turned
plain into a eye catching purse!

Andrew Thornton said...

Super cute! What a fabulous way to dress up an ordinary bag and really make it your own. Nicely done!

lou said...

very nice and a great solution for an old jacket!

Katie | said...

Another source of inspiration again! Love this... thanks so much for sharing! :)

Steph said...

You are so creative and resourceful, I may attempt to make one myself!

Thanks for your tutorial :)


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