Monday, June 28, 2010

Color Your World-New Online Class

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Color Your World
July 19th-August 20th

I am finally ready to open pre registration for my next online class- Color Your World and it's about time!! I am SO PASSIONATE about his topic because at the core of everything in my life (food, travel, art, clothing, makeup, photography, etc) color is always by my side challenging me, making me grow as an artist, blowing my mind and always inspiring me! While my art and creations are often impulsive and expressive- I am very intentional with my use of color- I believe that a good understanding of color makes all the difference in any creative project.

color your world

This class is going to be different from the rest of my classes because it is less about techniques and projects and more about theory, inspiration, finding your voice and setting yourself free with color. There will be homework (YIKES!!) but it will be fun homework, videos, photos, discussions and the opportunity to share, connect and SO MUCH MORE!


Whether you draw, paint, sew, scrapbook, take pictures, love fashion or even decor- this class will challenge you to look at color in a different way. We will start with the basics and then I will push you to work through simple exercises, color theory, inspiration, establishing a palette and developing your own unique voice with color. Get ready to COLOR YOUR WORLD!

I am offering a special pre registration rate- $40.00 until the first day of class- July 19th
(After July 19th the price will be $50.00)

Color Your World

Class will be held on a private blog.

You will receive an email with a registration confirmation and additional class details within 48 hours.

*****Class is offered for a limited time July 19- August 20 (different from my unlimited access classes).*****

The class will stay up 1 month after the last day- until September 20th so you will have plenty of time to access information.

You will be able to register up until the last day of class.

This class is on a five week structure with a different lesson that will be posted at the beginning of each week.

Information is set up as "work at your own pace" and access everything when you have time (day, night, etc).


Michelle @ Sweet Something Design said...

That really sounds like fun!

jane eileen said...

What a beautiful and unique color wheel!

Carol said...

Alisa, is there a supply list for this class? What will we need to purchase to complete the homework?

Sherri said...

Is this for experienced artists or can a newbie keep up?

Unknown said...

Will you be running this again in the future?? I'm in the middle of getting ready for moving from Uk to Aus and don't have time for this at the moment, but I so want to take part... your update today with the red feathers and the zipped case are really inspiring me in a direction I want to take... if I wasn't quite so busy!! With kiddies and as a single parent I can't attend bricks and mortar classes, but a blog course would be perfect... thanks x

Tracie said...

Alisa - is this now open for doing at own pace???


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