Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Cilantro Pesto=Yum


Since quitting my job last year and working at home, I have struggled with taking time to eat. Back when I worked for someone else I took FULL advantage of my lunch hours- went out to long lunches, ate good food and made my lunch in advance. These days it seems like I just dash through the kitchen and grab anything to put in my mouth (crackers, cereal, peanut butter sandwich) and I am lucky if I am not eating while typing an email, standing at the kitchen sink or while painting - yes, sometimes I eat and paint! So to combat this problem I have with taking breaks and eating good food (I am a self proclaimed foodie- there is no excuse to eat cereal for lunch!), I have been taking time once a week to make myself a big batch of something good and healthy to keep me going through my busy schedule. This week I decided to make a big batch brown rice, chicken and black beans topped with one of my favorites-
cilantro pesto...YUMMMMMMM!!!!

If you don't like the flavor of cilantro then just skip past this post but if you do like cilantro this is a really easy way to liven up some simple dishes, use as a dip, a sauce or just eat by the spoonful as you dash through the kitchen:) I wanted a real light flavor so I went simple for this batch- Ingredients that I used for this post-

2 bunches of cilantro
1 little pinch of parsley
a dash of salt and pepper
olive oil
squeeze of lemon

alternatives to add for more flavor- onions, green chiles, garlic, pine nuts, vinegar, shallots...


Since I don't have a food processor I used the blender (hint, hint husband if you are reading this I really want a food processor). I tossed my greens, salt, pepper and lemon juice into the blender.

I added the olive oil- roughly a 1/4 cup- you can adjust the amount depending on the consistency that you want.
Blend and blend well until you get a beautiful creamy green mixture.

How pretty is that color green!?!?

Then I transfered my pesto into little jars (recycled jars) and added labels just in case someone opens the fridge and isn't sure what they are and decides to throw them out.

And now I have enough cilantro pesto to go with my chicken and rice and beans to last me for the rest of the week.

Now there is no excuse this week to eat crackers and cereal for lunch when I have this beautiful little meal waiting for me!



Johwey Redington said...

This looks good. I LOVE cilantro!

Caitlin McAuliffe said...

I'm probably stealing this recipe. I also want a food processor...hint hint Danny...I too have to resort to the blender and it's just not the same. The bowl looks cute with that yummy yummy food!!
Caitlin (and Charlotte too!)

whyducks said...

Sounds good to me although I have no idea what cilantro is! Is it coriander? Will try it with Quorn as I am not a meat eater. Thanks for the tip.

Kristi Wodek said...

I have been on a huge cilantro kick! Just made a delcious creamy avocado and white bean wrap. Here is the link. It might hit the spot for a go-to meal that is quick to make and have on hand!http://www.eatingwell.com/recipes/creamy_avocado_white_bean_wrap.html

Mamarox said...

Try adding pumpkin seeds, parmesean and romano cheese. Just like they sell at Viansa Vineyards! Yummy.

Leah said...

Yum - I'd be tempted to add some jalapeno and spice it up for the rice and beans.

Bee Yourself Fabrics said...

Oh that sounds soooo good! I LOVE Cilantro and am sure going to try this recipe! I know my daughter will love it too! And, as Kristi said, she's been on a cilantro kick...and made creamy avocado and white bean wrap... Oh gee! going to try that too! :) Thanks!

Melly Testa said...

I just made the same thing but with KALE, sans lemon.

brlracincwgrl said...

This looks delicious! And simple easy! I'm definitely stealing this recipe :).

linda woods said...

That looks so good, I must try it. I'll be standing in my kitchen eating it straight out of the jar with a spoon, just like I do with frosting :)

Dotti said...

Yum...running to the store for some cilantro! And yes hubby, you really need to get that girl a food processor. You will wonder how she made it thru life this far without one!

Cranberry Morning said...

That looks gorgeous! And I love cilantro, parsley, rice, and black beans! (and a little shredded cheese on top!) :-) Don't you just love it when food is pretty!

Judy Merrill-Smith said...

Gorgeous pesto! And I'm glad I'm not the only one who eats while I'm painting. ;-)

Alison said...

Yes, Whyducks, it's coriander. I have to say that I don't like coriander much at all, but the pesto sure looks beautiful and I guess I could make it with something else. Gorgeous photos!

Contessa Kris said...

That sounds and looks divine! I KNEW there was something I forgot to plant in my garden. I will pick up some cilantro this week. I love cilantro! Thanks for the recipe and the gorgeous pics.

Lechatquitousse said...

I'm not sure what cilentro is in french but it looks delicious.
Good idea !

Nelda Ream said...

This looks so yummy! Thanks for the receipe.

A'n'G Johnson said...

haha. I did the Kale pesto also. Usually I go for Basil but my plants aren't quite big enough yet! mmmm but YUM!

sherry said...

YUM. I will have to try this recipe as we looooooooove cilantro. Thanks for sharing the recipe!

Lisa said...

I'm a big fan of cilantro. Mine always goes bad because I don’t use all of it. Now I have a way to save it for this beautiful delicious dish! YUMMY

Valentina Harper said...

Hmmm.. Looks and sounds delicious! I’ll try it :) I work at home too, and the only way I can have a decent lunch is with the dinner leftovers.

deb did it said...

yum. mouth watering. running to the garden now!

Radical Recycks said...

Ok, Now I love you even more! I am obsessed with Cilantro! it's coming up in my garden Whoot Whoot~ it didn't fair so well last year. I also put it in my salads! Thanks for the info can't wait to whip it up!

Unknown said...

your blog is heaven on earth.

I feel so inspired to make the most of this weekend.
Thank you Thank you.

Wendy said...

10pm and my mouth is watering. I love cilantro. In fact, I have it growing in my front flowerbed. :-)
This looks SO good. And I have all of the ingredients, too!! Do I risk waking four sleeping children to make pesto....hmmmmm.....

Wendy said...

I've made cilantro pesto too! I love the idea of using it with rice and beans. I once found it for sale at a farmer's market and it was sooo expensive. I usually make up a batch whenever I've bought a bunch of cilantro for a recipe and only used a bit of it. I use the rest in pesto before it dies in the fridge.

One of my favorite things to add to it (and spice it up) is a jalapeno. I've got a recipe for using the pesto to make jalapeno, prosciutto wraps with cream cheese and avocado.

Potiron said...

@Le chat qui tousse : cilantro c'est le coriandre en feuilles en fran├žais... DELICIOUS!!

thank you for your recipe, I've made pesto before, but the classic basil, pine nuts and parmesan variety... Since, we've found my husband intolerant to dairy and I had an allergic reaction to pesto recently probably because of pine nuts... Sooooo, no more pesto!!! Now why didn't I think of doing simpler version???

THank you Alisa for your blog, it's quite inspirational, and I read it almost religiously every day!! (even if I haven't made anything recently..!!!)

Again thank you!!!

Happy 4th of July (a Franco-American in France!!!)

Dagny said...

Thank you for sharing this recipe. It sounds delicious and I definitely need another way to use the cilantro plant I have overflowing its pot.

I linked to this post on my blog http://finallyfinishedcrafts.blogspot.com/2010/08/quinoa-and-black-bean-salad.html where I just added a recipe of my own for a delicious quinoa salad that makes a fast, filling, and tasty lunch.


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