Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Updates from the Studio


Hello Friends! Its that time again- time to post a few updates before I completely forget to share the things that are going on!

I've been busy- like really, really busy working on my new book with Interweave Press and I am CRAZY excited and inspired about this book! I have been spending far too many hours writing, working on projects and prepping for the photo shoot which is coming up SOON! Looking at the photo above you may be asking yourself- is she actually writing by hand? The answer is YES! FUN FACT- While I am a total computer nerd, I am most comfortable writing the old fashioned way- I always write everything out by hand and then type it up. Time consuming but it is a method that I can take anywhere (even the beach and the pool) and it works for me. Though I cannot say much about the book at this stage, I will be giving updates and dropping information when I can ;)

A while back I was contacted by M&J Trimmings to participate in a design challenge with 6 other fabulous and creative bloggers. We were all send the MOST BEAUTIFUL package of trimmings and we each had to come up with a project to share! Tomorrow our projects will be all be posted on their site so check back in with me in the morning for the link and some photos!!

ladies room
I was honored to have been asked by Linda Woods to be a part of the the second edition of the book- Meeting in the Ladies Room. If you recall, I posted a review of the book a while back so when I was asked to participate for this edition, I was beyond thrilled. The book is a beautiful, raw and honest collection of photos and short essays from all kinds of different women taken in all kinds of different ladies rooms. I love this book and the concept but have to say that taking my own photo in the mirror of my tiny little bathroom pushed me outside my comfort zone. While I am pretty handy with my camera, my timer and taking self portraits, this project forced me to look at myself in a different way. I took tons and tons of photos (and now have WAY too many self portraits of myself in the bathroom!!) trying to come up with something that really represented who I am- I finally came up with two photos for the book that are 100% authentic Alisa and you will just have to purchase your own copy (which is also available in kindle format for only $5.00!!) to see those photos :)


I get all kinds of amazing emails with photos from people who have been inspired to create the projects from both my blog and from my book so I decided it was about time to create a place to share your versions of these projects- FINALLY eh?

If you have a pair of altered flips flops or rolled roses or any projects that you have created that were inspired by my blog tutorials, I want to see them! Join my flickr group Alisa Burke- Redefine Creativity and post your photos!

If you have canvas projects and art that has been inspired by my book Canvas Remix- I want to see them! Join my flickr group- Canvas Remix and post your photos!


Finally, I have a BIG giveaway planned tomorrow with a package from Tracie Lyn Huskamp (and I just might throw in something too!) So check back in tomorrow morning for details and the opportunity to win a beautiful package of goodies!!!


Dotti said...

How do we enter this giveaway?

Nani Luculescu said...

cool! I'm thrilled to be the first contributer to your flickr pool! I really enjoyed the fabric roses and added beads & fibers to some of them. =)

Lynda said...

Wow, you really do have a lot going on! lol. I look forward to seeing everything :)

Mosaic Magpie said...

Tomorrow, Tomorrow is only a day away!

Cori Lynn Berg said...

I know you love the painting.. but enjoy your time writing and not having to wash your hands a hundred times a day.. and being able to wear nice clothes! ♥

risa said...

WOW...lots happening! Life sounds crazy busy good!

whyducks said...

cannot wait x

Jennifer Williams said...

I have to write by hand a well. It's comforting to me.

Congratulations on everything going on! You've been really busy!

I look forward to seeing both books when they come out.

Melly Testa said...

Girl! You are crazy creative. I find inspiration in your breadth and depth.

sunspot said...

Hi I just posted you as my favorite craft blogger on BurdaStyle's request for opinions. I have made two of your projects and both my daughter and I love watching your blog. I'm looking for shoes to paint . . .!


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