Tuesday, February 09, 2010

One Heart-Three Tees Tutorial

I love unique t-shirts and tanks but don't like spending lots of money! What better way to transform a cheap tee than with a heart! This project makes use of the above heart shape, cut out of fabric and applied to three $5.00 shirts- three different ways!


Start by journaling on a scrap of fabric.

Cut out a heart.

pin down and sew to the surface of the shirt- I placed mine heart right in the middle


Use a fabric in different colors and cut out a variety of heart shapes.

Layer all the hearts onto the surface of the shirt- let them overlap each other.

Sew the hearts down either by hand or machine- let your stitches be messy!


Cut lots of hearts from colorful fabric- I chose pink to go on a red tank.

Sew onto one side of the shirt- layer and crinkle the hearts until a ruffle forms.


Natalie Elphinstone said...

Fabulous! 3 completely different looks from the same concept - inspiring. I love the ruffled hearts!

sofia's sketchbook said...

heart this tutorial!!!
heart the red heart!!
heart the green one!!!
heart the ruffles!!!!
heart!!! heart!!!! heart!!!!

peggy gatto said...

Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

Deanne said...

love this, another thing for me to try :) thank you x

LR said...

okay, i am going to make one for my weekend trip this weekend. thanks.

linda said...

Wow, it looks so simple, but the results so lovely...thanks for sharing!

Kim @ Everything Etsy said...

Another beautiful project! I love everything you do, so you must have good taste! :)


Jacki said...

I love the ruffle heart shirt. Great idea as usual!!

Beth said...

Please send these heartfelt T-shirts to Altered Couture. Pretty please!

Jan said...

I really like the messy stitches on the multi-colored hearts. Thank you!

Diana Trout {Nan.DT@verizon.net} said...

Great tutorials! Just the thing for those of us completely buried in snow!

Rachel@oneprettything.com said...

Oh how pretty! I love the white tank. Thanks so much, I'll be linking.

Adrian said...

Thanks again for another good idea!I just love your painted jeans!! Came naturally I bet from just being you. Right?

Cheryl said...

Perfect rescue for jeans that get a bit of paint on them! :o)


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