Tuesday, February 23, 2010

it's the simple things

Finally I seem to be settling into a groove with this whole "working for myself at home thing" and while my days are long and pretty wild and crazy, I am finding there are a few simple things that keep me happy and productive throughout the day! Like my "work attire" -half the clothing in my closet, even the nice stuff is now covered in paint. It brings me joy every morning to put on pants and skirts (that I used to wear to my old office job) that are now smeared with paint!

Giant mugs of Gyokuro Imperial green tea that I drink all day long!

My lucky hat that that I wear everyday to work- it is the only thing keeping me from chopping my hair off! When you are growing your hair out, it is benificial to have a cute hat on hand!

My do list- I have to keep lists or all my creative ideas and tasks would sadly be forgotten! I take time every evening to plan out my tasks and use it work from each day in the studio.

Music and lots of it! I listen to my favorite Pandora stations all day long (Indian/Bollywood music seems to keep me the most productive and energized!)

Handfuls of animal cookies- my favorite treat- which were consumed while writing this post!

Reminder- I will be announcing winners of the journals tomorrow and sharing a fun tutorial!


the messy nest said...

I love how you mention getting to wear paint smeared, colorful clothing! It's one of the best parts of being an artist :)

The hat made me laugh - I feel like I'm always in a state of "growing it out", but never thought of jamming it into a funky hat every morning :) I do have a 'mater had that my mom knit me that I wear when I'm in a funk and need to smile [ it has a "rotten" felted tomato face stitched on the front which is where the 'Mater name came from].

Love the most to hear that you are getting in to your groove! Music REALLY helps - especially certain songs that make you want to move :)

wonderful post!

A'n'G Johnson said...

As an Art Therapist (in training) some of the jobs I've had I get to wear my paint gear - other jobs want me to look "professional"... but since I encourage my clients to get messy - usually the "professional" becomes my paint gear anyhow!

Linda Woods said...

I will have to try that tea. We have similar necessities. I drink Tazo green tea and instead of a hat it is a scarf (I am always freezing) and sometimes with my cookies there are peanut butter cups. And there's always a to do list and lots of music.

Janet said...

All my clothes have paint smears, too. But none of mine look as good as those jeans! The hat is fantastic....and just my style. I can't wear flat hats but I have one similar to yours and love it.

snowbird42 said...

Im lucky. I work in clay mostly. It washes out, clay,glaze and underglaze.
Im doing some painting lately and I have a collection of aprons(hand painted by my grand kids)
But having made my living for years with my craft I have few dressy things.

Unknown said...


Oh how I love you.

and your jeans.

Unknown said...

love it.
right down to the animal crackers.. i love the way the little ball thingies make 'em crunch!

i have the hardest time getting the routine "down" since we're almost always moving in a new way. i find myself having to hit my groove how ever i can... luckily i just keep on keepin' on...

did i already say love it?
yep great post.

patty a. said...

Those jeans are so cute! They remind me of the jeans the Brassy Apple makes using fabric. They are much dressier since you did stamp them on top of the wonderful paint splatters.

Cristi Baxter Clothier said...

Oh my, those jeans are fabulous! Sounds like you're having a blast being a full time artist. You're a lucky lady.

Jane LaFazio said...

Love those pants!

Jessie said...

Your blog makes me happy :)

I always walk a little taller when I am wearing my paint splattered clothes!

rachel awes said...

i am INSPIRED by those jeans!! just what did you draw with so that it can be permanent?! i want to break out all of mine & cover them with song & life!!

Samie said...

Sorry, just had to leave a note! I do the same thing with my to-do list, and even use a ruled Moleskine notebook to do it. I was lucky enough to find a larger-sized daily Moleskine planner at Borders for $4, and had $5 in Borders Bucks....Either way, it is the only way I stay on task!


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