Monday, November 16, 2009

Updates from the Studio

My head is spinning from work, life, work, life! I am currently packing my bags and heading out tomorrow- first to Seattle to meet my mom to help my other grandmother get moved out of her apartment and into assisted living- lately aging and mortality seems to be the theme in my life these days- then home to Oregon. Big stuff going on, lots of of processing, thinking, trying to make sense of this crazy life and what it means to grow older.

Since I am leaving for a bit that means work needs to be caught up if not ahead so I have spent the weekend working my bum off getting things in order.

And just when I thought I was caught up I received an amazing order for LOTS of custom purses for...drumroll please...custom clutches for Hollywood studio executives (HBO,Warber Bros, ABC, NBC and more!!!!!) and I am stressed excited and thrilled- everyday feeling so happy that I am living this life!

Speaking of custom purses I will be taking orders for custom clutches and totes just in time for the holidays! Please check out my shop for more information!

Tomorrow I have a fun, cozy fall tutorial to share and I will be blogging and tweeting from the road so please check back for more!!!


Ida Gray said...

Congrats on your big request of your clutches to gift to the big executives of the domestic entertainment biz. I can imagine what this is going to do for your biz. Exciting!!

Melissa M (Lagaz) said...

Congrats on that awesome order for the Hollywood Bigwigs! :)

Enjoy your time with your family this weekend!

anna maria said...

I just saw this, but wanted to congratulate you. This is great!


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