Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Updates from the Studio

It is really cold here in San Diego ( as an Oregon girl, I feel like a wimp even saying this! ) and my studio has been freezing. Last week when I couldn't find my arm warmers I resorted to cutting up a pair of tube socks to keep my hands and arms warm while having my fingers free to work! I vowed to myself when I had a little time I would experiment with creating some much more stylish arm warmers out of upcycled sweaters and that is what I did this weekend! I had so much fun creating these for my own cold hands that I decided to create a bunch for my shop so keep your eyes peeled for some super funky arm warmers coming really soon!

Speaking of my shop, I will be clearing out the the sale section in the next week or two and begin to add all kinds of new creations for the holidays. While I will still be making lots of goodies from canvas, I am moving forward with some new ideas and new creations and want my shop to reflect where I am at and stay current with what I am creating!

Last week I drove some projects up to the Stampington headquarters which was a wonderful excuse to get myself out of the house! They are such a fabulous group of people and their space is so fun and inspiring to visit! I will be working on a handful of new projects for some of their upcoming publications. This has actually become one of my favorite things to do- having a theme, a project to work on for a publication brings me back to art class assignments and actually inspires me in new and different ways!

Next weekend is my workshop- Canvas Remix: An Experience at the Center for the Arts Escondido- this class is a great opportunity to get a little canvas remix 101 for all those curious about my messy concepts when it comes to working with canvas! All materials are included and all levels of experience are welcome!

You are not going to want to miss the collaborative graffiti weekend with myself, Traci Bautista and Lisa Engelbrecht at the Art Bar in Santa Ana, December 4-6th! I know it is going to be a wild and creative weekend!!

I have been planning my teaching schedule for the spring and summer and it is looking like a weekend class in NYC is in the works- I will keep everyone posted with details!! So excited!

I have all kinds of new and fun tutorials coming soon to my blog and I cannot wait to share some fun holiday inspiration. If you have been inspired to create anything that I demo please send me photos so I can share your work! I love seeing how others put their spin on things!!

Ok...now down to my cold studio to start the day!!


Jennifer said...

Yay! for the class in NYC! I can't wait!

HollyM said...

I love the arm warmers. We have very cold winters here with lots of snow. I would actually wear these to read in bed. I keep my room quite cool to sleep and may fingers always get cold when i read before lights out.

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