Monday, November 09, 2009

Updates from the Studio and Giveaway WINNER

Happy Monday everyone can you believe it is November already?!?!

First I want to announce the winner of the fall leaves clutch- it is suzanne390! Suzanne if you could email me your mailing address I will get this sent off to you!

As usual, I am pretty much spinning trying to get things made, finished, created, designed and still find time to just be normal! But things are going quite well and I feel like I am slowly carving out a groove that works for me in this new life working for myself- it may be busy but it is a groove!!

I have been putting together lots of tutorials to share with all of you out there in the next couple of months and there is some fun stuff that I cannot wait to post so stay tuned!

I have been working upstairs in the house in evenings (something I am not really supposed to do because of how messy I am!) and in true "Alisa" form I discoverd by accident that the jar of Claudine Hellmuth's Studio line multi medium looks exactly like my favorite philosophy brand moisturizer! I almost applied medium to my face- No more bringing supplies upstairs for me!

I am gearing up to teach this weekend at the California Center for the Arts Escondido this Saturday, November 14th and there is still time to register! It is only $45.00 for non members and all supplies are provided!! If you are in Southern California I would love if you joined me!!!

I am also planning my teaching schedule for 2010 and it is looking like I may be coming to NYC, Portland, OR, my hometown of Seaside, OR and more! If you are interested in a messy class coming to your area feel free to email with any ideas!!!

I am in the process of adding new things to my shop- and will continue to add lots of homemade goodies for the holidays!

I have new arm warmers and some new fiber and paint necklaces!!

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kittyj said...

I would LOVE a class in Seaside!!! Even Portland would be great! Yay!


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