Saturday, November 28, 2009

Dear Colorado...

Dear Colorado,

When my husband introduced us over 10 years ago, I knew we would be instant friends. You are vast and open, your light inspires, you have lots of quilt and yarn shops, yummy food, cold weather, crisp air, great shopping, your winter light is magical, mountains as far as the eye can see and best of all you are home to some of my favorite people. Colorado, thank you for hosting Thanksgiving this year, once again you have been a wonderful place to visit.


p.s. We will be back in March for snowboarding- please have good snow if possible.


Ryan B. said...

Colorado is awesome. Glad it holds a special place with you, too. I try to make it back there at least once a year since our family moved back to California in 1986.

Lori S-C said...

Fabulousness all around!
And I love that dog.

Flying Whale said...

*sigh* i NEED that snow, i NEED that chair, i NEED that toenail polish, i NEED those french fries.

Jodi said...

Hi there...I live here in Colorado- so glad you enjoyed your time here. Looks like you may have been here in Denver (that's where i live).
Take care...hope you visit again.
love your art and blog!!

LR said...

when i visited colorado for my brother's wedding this past may, i love it. the weather, mountains, people, lovely stores.......

see you soon colorado. love your post.

JH said...

I cannot imagine living anywhere else but Colorado, glad you had a visit. Cheers!

Unknown said...

Colorado is beautiful. Thanks for sharing the nice blog and photos. Cute!



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