Friday, April 03, 2009

Wonderful End to a Challenging Week!

I am SUPER, CRAZY, OVERJOYED to announce I was selected to be a Bernina Artisan who will be working on a loan machine!! While I am anything but a traditional sewer and have been known to sew with trash, painted canvas and all kinds of crazy materials I am honored to have the opportunity to sew my wild creations on a Bernina. I will be sharing more information in the weeks to come but had to at least shout it from the hilltop that I get to work with Bernina- YahOOOO!!!

In other news I have changed the start date for my next online class- Whimsical Women- it will now be starting on April 13th and will run for 5 weeks. This is actually going to be a fun class full of all kinds of unique and fun techniques- from creating your own fabric to learning to draw simple faces to using found objects to assembling everything into one of a kind fiber creations!!! You don’t need to know how to draw or even sew in order to take this class- I will offer all kinds of options and different ways to work within your skills. I have a true passion for combining different mediums (like sewing and painting!) and cannot wait to share my crazy ideas with all of you- please join me!

Tomorrow I will be sharing work from the Graffit Chic Online Class- the ladies have created some AMAZING work that I cannot wait to post it!!

This weekend I will also be posting the the first in a series of interviews I will be doing every month about juggling life and our dreams- This idea came from my long time struggle with juggling my career as an artist with my day job and how best to make it all work. Often the only thing that gets me through the difficult times is connecting with others who share the same lifestyle and there are so many of you out there who are raising a family, growing your dream life, pursuing your passion while working boring desk jobs and I have found inspiration and comfort in other’s stories and want to begin to share that inspiration on my blog. I am looking for people who are balancing everyday life (family, money, job, etc) with growing a business on the side. Email me if you would like to do an interview!

Plus I have even more to share but will wait until later-I'm off to a family gathering :)


peggy said...

Happy Day for you Alisa. I have a Burnia and love it and wouldn't sew with anything else. What fun you will have and you sill be so good for Bernia with all your energy and creative talent. You represent the new wave in sewing. Go girl and have fun. peggy

Rella said...

Greeting from AZ....I just signed up for your online class and look forward to a fun five weeks. Congrats on your Bernina adventure.

Cindy (aka:Rella)


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