Friday, April 17, 2009

Sticky Back Canvas Earrings

Have you heard of Claudine Hellmuth's new Studio product line? Well, it is FABULOUS and since I kinda specialize in canvas projects, for the next month I will be sharing all kinds of fun projects to make with Sticky Back Canvas. 

The first project is simple canvas earrings- inspired by the earring project in my book Canvas Remix, I decided to put a twist on the project and use sticky back canvas!

Start by printing out a page full photos, sketches or even words.  (I filled the page with a combination of my scanned sketches and my favorite words in fun fonts).  Print your images out on a sheet of Sticky Back Canvas.

Next, cover the canvas with messy paint and let dry.

Peel the backing off the canvas.

Fold the sheet in half.

Draw the shape of your earrings onto the surface of the canvas. 
Notice I used one of the bottles of Claudine's Studio paint as a template :)

Cut out your shapes.

Paint the edges with black paint or your choice of color and let dry.

Cover the surface of both sides of canvas with a glossy medium or even a glossy polyurethane. Let dry.

Use an awl to make a hole in the canvas.

Attach jump rings through the holes.

Attach hook earwires to the jump rings.

And VOILA...a pair of super fun, messy and colorful earrings!!


Giggles said...

Beautiful, vibrant, light and funky!! What more could you want!! Thanks for sharing this fabulous idea! Very inspirational!!

Peace Giggles

claudine hellmuth said...

Love love love this!!! will blog about it tonight!

bonnie said...

Love the earrings, will have to give this project a try!


Contessa Kris said...

How gorgeous! I was just reading through your book for the first time today (very inspiring by the way) and then saw that Claudine blogged about you (then twittered it and then facebooked her twitter.) hehe Glad to find your blog. I'll be back for more inspiration!

Shay Jacobson said...

OMG, your article was great I used it last weekend. I found another website with a bunch of good how 2 articles. The website is My friends and I have been using it for the last few weeks and it is sooooooooo perfect!!! We posted a few of our own recipes on it. You can put your link on it too, so more people will read your article!!!! ;-)

Suze said...

absolutely brilliant...I see a whole necklace out of this

Paula Clare said...

Totally gorgeous and unique! I LOVE IT!

peggy gatto said...

Great idea!!!!!Thank you!!!!! All kinds of possiblities.
Enjoyed looking around!

Marie-Hélène à Madrid said...

THank you !!!!!!!!!!!!!
Excellente idée !!!!!

have a good day
Helena from Spain

Rani said...

these totally rock!

violette said...

Oh these are awesome ALisa! I love colourful..i love the way you did the photo too - you're in grey tones and the earrings are in full - on colour! Cool!

Love, violette

Anonymous said...

Nice article you got here. I'd like to read something more concerning this theme. Thanx for giving this information.

whyducks said...

these are so gorgeous, thank you so much for showing us


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