Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Painted Glass Cake Stand

I have a thing for cake stands (and for cake!) they are pretty and fancy and make dessert look more yummy. I am always on the lookout for unique cake stands to add to my growing collection.

When I came across this simple glass cake stand for $7.00 at Target I knew it would be perfect for me to transform into something all my own!

If you have never tried using glass must try! It is an easy and colorful way to transform glassware into your very own art. FYI- painted glass also makes really great one-of-a-kind holiday, birthday and wedding gifts for people.

There a number of different kinds of glass paint out there and you can purchase it at most crafts stores. Some paints you will need to bake in the oven after painting, while others (like the Delta brand that I used) requires that you condition the surface with a bonding agent and then paint on top and let air dry for days. The kind of paint you select should depend on the what you will be using the glassware for- how much it will get washed, used for food vs decoration, etc.

Cover the surface with your painting or design.
I wanted a lacy, henna inspired design to cover the entire surface.

I covered every inch of the cake plate with my designs.

The paint I used has a really cool iridescent look to it when it hits the light.

I let the paint dry according to the directions- 10 days- and then I washed it in preparation for a cake!

What's the point of having a new cake stand with no cake?


The result is a beautiful and unique cake stand perfect for summer entertaining!



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