Sunday, March 29, 2009

Pretty Please...

Recently my friend Kelly Rae blogged about "What is and What is Not Okay" a great post about using art, inspiration and projects from her book. I feel the need to post my own thoughts about this topic.

I wrote Canvas Remix to inspire others to try new techniques and concepts to find their own style. I love teaching and demonstrating simple techniques and tools and ways to think differently about art and while I am an author and a teacher who puts information out there- I am first and foremost a painter and artist who makes a living from my own creations that have taken me years to develop.

Please, please, pretty please...

Do not teach from my book, publish techniques or directions from my book (or my blog, articles, online classes and tv appearances) on your website in your own articles or blog without my permission. I work really hard to constantly come up with new ideas, projects and techniques that I have written about and published in articles, in my book and on my blog in hopes of providing inspiration for my readers.

Please do not use photos from my blog, website or onlines classes without my permission. I love when people link to me or review my work and I gladly provide photos to those who ask- please just ask.

Pretty please do NOT reproduce my designs, concepts and replicate my art or purses for
financial purposes. I wrote a book to inspire, I write articles to inspire NOT for others to replicate my concepts and work for the purpose of selling and building their own business based on the things that have I been selling and creating for the last decade.  I often choose NOT reveal all of my secrets that go into making my purses or paintings for this reason- I am not just a teacher I am also a designer and artist who makes a living from selling completely original items.   Example- If you have taken one of my classes and love painting messy canvas and have had fun sewing with it and have been inspired to use it in your creative projects...GREAT!! But if you are now opening an Esty shop, marketing your work the same way that I market my own, using my concepts, colors, words, shapes and designs of my purses and items that I sell, then there is a problem.  

One of the most profound things that you can do as an artist and a creative person is find your voice, your style and your own unique art to make. While I understand wanting to learn techniques and projects that many artists teach, use this as a starting point- embrace finding a unique way to make it your own.. Please don't embrace my designs as your own. (Kelly describes this really well goes into more detail in her post and I invite you to read her thoughts on this topic.)

The bottom line is that I do not support copying another artist's work- being creative is about finding yourself, it's being authentic and creating work that is unique.  Taking a class and reading a book should be the first step in creating your own look, your own style and the beginning of expressing yourself visually.  If any of this is unclear or you have questions about your work please just ask.


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