Wednesday, March 11, 2009

My Hair=Metaphor For My Life!

Is it any wonder that when my hair is in an awkward stage so is my life?!?!? Well, that is my current situation-I have been growing my hair out from a SUPER short pixie cut and this time I am not going to cut it. For the last 13 years I have had my hair short (except when I grew it out to my chin for my wedding 5 year ago and then chopped it off myself during our honeymoon). 

My hair is how I express myself, it has been a variety of colors, different lengths of short and numerous styles for the last decade and thank goodness is has been short otherwise going back and forth with color would have been a tragedy with long hair! 

But I decided months ago that I want to grow it out and this time I WOULD NOT GIVE IN TO CUTTING IT, not even in the awkward stage!!! Now I have arrived at the the awkward stage and that seems to be the theme in my life right now- I feel like I am waiting- not only waiting for my stupid hair to grow (I know kinda shallow!!) but waiting for what happens next, waiting for hard work to pay off, waiting for the outcome of decisions, waiting to get to the next chapter, waiting for the restlessness to go away, trying to be patient through setbacks and challenges. But I have decided to stick it out with my hair and just embrace the way it looks today- just like I have decided to stick it out with the current stage in my life- I have grand plans and big dreams that require patience and sticking it through - even during the awkward times.


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