Wednesday, March 18, 2009

custom clutch giveaway!

I just finished the last of my custom purse orders tonight and I am SO happy to have caught up on work (for today!).  Sometimes I honestly cannot believe how much I am juggling right now but accomplishing each project one day at a time makes it worth it!

And to celebrate, I decided its time to do another custom clutch giveaway- I have been giving away all kinds of fun stuff on other wonderful  blogs  I thought I should join in the fun and give something away on my own blog!  

The winner will receive a CUSTOM CLUTCH and will get to pick their own colors, words and images for their purse and then I will make it for you!!

So here is how it goes...

Leave me a comment- tell me what things you juggle in your own life.
The winner will be drawn on Friday 
Good Luck!


  1. hey alisa- just checking your stuff via kelly rae's blog, and i must say VERY inspiring work. your eclectic style is original and artistic just wanted to say so... -tim

  2. i juggle art, real job, being a wife, being a mother, sleep...

  3. peggy4:25 AM

    I saw your work on kelly Raie's website, awsonome. enter me in and pick me, but many thanks for the chance to win. I love your work and must have your book. Peggy

  4. peggy4:27 AM

    Oh I forgot, what do I juggle, I am retired, babysit 8 grandchildren so mothers can work. I work part time at Curves and volunteer at the Mental Retardation center in the Art Department. I am also a wife, he doesn't get all that much time anymore. Tired but happy, Peggy

  5. Shawn5:46 AM

    Hi Alisa - I saw your work on Kelly Rae's blog. Love it! Looking forward to checking out your book. Right now juggling work, family, recooping from minor surgery and sprinkle in a little art. Daughter off to college soon so hoping the sprinkle becomes more like large chunks. Have a GREAT day!

  6. Hi there...
    I, fortunately and thankfully only juggle a few things...relationship, home, work, time for me, creating....

    I just ordered your book(heard about you through Emily Falconbridges blog), can't wait to get it.

    ~ Barb

  7. juggle? ah yes. right now I am juggling my mom's appointments with my own family and life. trying to make room for art in my life everyday. it is difficult. right now though I need to be available for her. I am refueling by taking long walks each day. happy day! ciao!

  8. ha, I am the master juggler...

    real life job, art life love, volunteering for art life love, mother, wife, pug owner, online class participant, yoga practitioner, flamenco dance class participant...

    bike riding junkie

    ahhh, I'm sure there's more, who has time to think about that though

  9. Danielle Scott8:02 AM

    Hey Alisa, your students work and blogs are so inspiring and vibrant! i hope you repeat our graffiti chic class again in the future.(or i get to join before it ends.fingers crossed.)

    What do i juggle? Two daughters aged 9 and 2 years, starting up my own jewellery & fashion label,getting ready for two major retail events/making eveything myself.
    Planning my first solo exhibtion(a one day event to test the water,plus it,s very near my due date in november.)
    A new pregnancy and morning sickness, plus my relationship with my wonderfully patient hubby to be.
    Planning my wedding which is nxt year october.While checking up on my two younger brothers and keeping my mum and dad who emigrated to Canada updated on what we all get up to.

    i wouldn,t trade any of it for the world.

    Take care and have a great week.

  10. Danielle Scott8:20 AM

    I juggle 2 beautiful daughters aged 9 and 2 years.
    A new pregnancy and morning sickness(make that all day sickness)
    Starting up my jewellery and fashion label.
    Making collections for 2 retail events coming up back to back as well as my first solo exhibtion.
    My relationship with my patient hubby to be and planning our wedding for next year october.
    Being a good big sister to my younger brothers, a daughter to my
    parents and a good reliable friend to the friends who have always been there for me and me them.

    I wouldn,t have my life any other way.
    Take care alisa and have a great week.

  11. Just wanted to say I love your work and am loving being in your Graffiti Chic class. I have been juggling working full time and then some by volunteering extra time, doing a lot of different art on the side and trying to be a good sister, friend, mother and a Nona to my granddaughters. My goal is get some pictures posted today for the class. Thanks for the chance to win a clutch made by YOU! How amazing would that be?

  12. wow! i'm always feeling i'm doing a juggling act! I'm a single mom of 6 daughters, one grandbaby at home too, managing a gallery, finishing an artsy book by the end of the month, needing to sell my home (just listed), sorting and sifting through alot of stuff to sell, preparing for a daughter's wedding this summer, trying to get a dead car going this morning!!! Life is FULL!
    Your art is amazing!!!
    xo abigail

  13. Hi Alisa,
    I also have Kelly Rae to thank for showing me the way to you...I ordered your book yesterday! LOVE.YOUR.STYLE!
    I juggle my full time job; my "other" job of making my art pendants; spending time with my husband; finding time to experiment and play with my other art addictions; self-care things such as exercise and meditation...there's more but it gets even more boring so I wont go there! I would love to have one of your clutches!
    Peace Love & Art

  14. I juggle so many things that I don't know how lo list them. I guess the ones that stand out are working full time combined with taking care of little ones as well as elderly parents. I'm out of the US but would love to take some of your classes online, let me see if I can find a way (or the time) to do it. Congratulations on your very, very creative work, I love it.

  15. you have an incredible talent and I am delighted of this new artistic meeting… I allowed will not be too talkative because my English is really bad but what I can say that's juggle for me rhyme with " to listen to the others". It's to be able to change role into answering waitings of the world around us… it's living being, quite simply.

  16. I have 4 kids..Juggling is my life! My oldest daughter is graduating H.S. so I am planning a family reunion celebration for 40 people. I found a house that will fit us all- Yeay! now I have to plan the activities...For her graduation present, I sent out pieces of fabric to every member of the family to write inspiring messages that I can QUILT together for her to take to College. (tear) ...I must put together a slide show of her growing up to show at the reunion...and I want to make personalized T-shirts to give to all who come to the reunion. There's the regular shuttling of kids to school, tournaments, karate, piano, guitar...and someone's gotta feed these kids! Do you think I can get it all done by June?

    Oh and I signed up for your graffiti workshop (a little late)--but can't wait to get messy! I'm a big fan of yours and would treasure a souvenir from you.

  17. Hi Alisa! I found your work through Kelly Rae's blog and I'm so inspired! I can't wait to check out your book!

    Life is all about juggling, isn't it! I juggle being a wife, mommy, artist, the "CEO" of my home, and ministry responsibilities! If only there were more hours in my day!! :) Thanks for the opportunitiy to win one of your amazing pieces!

  18. I entered the giveaway at Kelly Rae's blog but got here through the link at naughty secretary club. the universe is trying to give me multiple opportunities to win one of your fabulous clutches or book. :)

    i juggle being a mom of two children under five, a wifey, a creative soul, blogger, memory maker and keeper, friend, spiritual adventurer, supporter of the arts and anything handmade, interior designer, photographer, finder of naturally occurring hearts, and lover of the beautifully mundane. I could go on, but think you get the point. :)

    oh i would love to win. glad i found your blog and intend on visiting often.


  19. Saw you on Kelly Rae's blog, but I already have your book and love it! I juggle being a wife, mother, artist, teacher...which involves juggling teaching, psychiatry, secretary, technology specialist, etc. !!!! Too many to list, I think!

  20. I *love* your style!

    My juggling act includes: my day job at Habitat for Humanity, being a wife, taking care of my home, making time for art, helping a newly-divorced friend, trying to find an extra hour of sleep! My life may not seem as hectic and crazy, but every task seems to blend into the next with little breathing room. I'm working hard at juggling at a slower pace without dropping my balls! LOL

  21. LOVE LOVE LOVE your book which Ive had for a while and loving the inspiration...very cool dear gal.
    I juggle life..though not very well..with three cherubs, work as an education assistant (and LOVE it)...washing (it grows right before my eyes)...juggle time as there never seems to be enough of it EVA !OH how I would love on of your funky clutches..YOU ROCK !

  22. Lets see I juggle my life, my art, my husband, my daughter, look after my mother, my house. Life sometimes can get in way of creating art. And isnt that the time you feel that you have to create

  23. I try really hard to juggle family, work and time to be creative, as well as spending time blogging and reading other blogs. I am to the point where shopping has come in dead last, that has been guite a turn around from when I was a shopping addict.

  24. I just came across your blog for the first time yesterday! I have to say the inspiration began the second I saw your canvas remix book cover...that alone gave me oodles of inspiration! Your work is wonderful! As far as the things I juggle....I travel for work, so I'm gone every week, Monday - Friday, I go home and spend time with my son and husband on the weekends, while I'm home, I'm juggling between, cooking, grocery shopping, creating my own art and spending time with them. Then it all starts over again on Monday...But, I love it...

  25. Hello There.... I found you on Kelly Rae's Blog... I love your sites and work. :)

    Oh boy the things I juggle- art, small shop owner, being a wife, being a mom, being a good friend, being a good daughter and being a homeschooler- but I do love everything I do and wouldn't change it for the world.

    Take Care and so nice to find you.

  26. Alisa -
    Your pieces are amazing!
    I am juggling 2 little girls, a husband, art and life, and I love very minute of it!

  27. Emily Mortimer9:36 PM

    I, like everyone else, juggle life, family, friends, church, work, raising kids, looking for the next two nickles to rub together... But, lately, I find that a lot of the time I am juggling my emotions. I vascillate between complete and utter joy as I watch my children laugh and play together to complete sorrow as I miss my parents and want so much for them to be here to see my children grow up. I find myself in moments of solace, understanding gratitude, and ten minutes later...chaos. It's all part of the juggling I suppose, it just seems that I am so much more aware of my emotions than I have been before. Thanks for giving me the opportunity to voice that! And here's to embracing our emotional roller coasters!

  28. I juggle work and classes since I decided to study a new career as a designer and it takes most of my time. Your work is very creative and I love the clutches and the big bag on the cover of your book. Which I’m going to buy, by the way. Congratulations!


  29. What do I juggle...gaining back strength and health in my body, creating, my home. Happy happies. Joyce

  30. Would LOVE one of your clutch's - LOVED seeing your work first in CPS and have enjoyed reading your blog since.

  31. robin westenhiser11:36 PM

    I juggle the voices in my head that seem to be going in all directions these days. All the little things that need to be done, all the little things I dream to get done and still manage
    to be happy.
    Your work is awesome!
    thanks, robin

  32. I too found you via Kelly Rae... i love the uplifting energy and the textures and colours in your work.
    I am often trying to 'keep all my balls in the air' .. at the moment things have been so busy... i am a mother, housewife,cook, gardener,friend, daughter, sister, hobby photography, blog writer, self employed textile artist, craft book writer and a big big dreamer.
    please enter me into your givaway.. and wishing you great success with your book .. i so appreciate how much work goes into creating one!

  33. I just 2 teenage daughters, full time work, 1 dog, 2 cats, and my own interests of writing, art, sewing.....the ususal.

  34. peggy5:23 AM

    I thank Kelly Ray for her blog comment about you. I joined your class on line and love it, Now I can add that to my juggling act. You have outdone yourself with your online workshop, its the best I have ever taken, the video's "make it over the top" and so easy to understand. Thank you. Peggy

  35. Anonymous7:00 AM

    Family, work, play...just like the rest... But, the thing I struggle with most is Staying in the Moment while juggling everything...


  36. Patricia9:16 AM

    good morning Alisa. I am a relatively new but enthusiastic fan of your work and blog. I discovered you through Judy Wise. I juggle caring for my children, husband, dogs, cat, garden and home. I am an art student - learning to be a printmaker; I love to draw. I have 2 studio classes this term. I also work part time as a photographer and slide library curator for the college's art department. I am the sister and daughter of two fine women experiencing their own health challenges. Life is full... but also very good.
    Thank you for giving away some of your work and for sharing insight into your process.

  37. I juggle 'everything' in order to have balance.

  38. I'd love to win one of YOUR custom pieces. Please sign me up!!
    Oh, I juggle work at home and motherhood, plus home duties.. its a lot but fun. :)

  39. LOVE LOVE LOVE your work! I would love to be considered for your drawing. I juggle LIFE! lol... 3 teens (home school 2 of them) college apps, scholarship apps, a 15 year old freshman... and married to a musician. Phew! lol.... :D
    I've been working from and learning from Canvas Remix. Absolutely LOVE it! :D I am so inspired by you!

  40. Alisa - I think your give away is awesome! Not only would we receive a Burke original, but we would get a "custom" Burke? WOW, I should be so lucky!

  41. OMG-totally love your work! Am going to buy your book for inspiration. Right now I'm juggling 2 sporting activities each for two kids (multiple carpools), school projects, getting ready for a craft fair, getting ready for spring break skiing, and taking a class for myself. If I lose my daytimer - I'm a gonner!

  42. Hi Alisa... I juggle a full time job, three sons, partner, college, I volunteer with Free Arts of Arizona as a mentor, homework, friends, and many projects at a time... so looking forward to this weekend :)

  43. I'm juggling writing (work), art work (your blog and websites are inspirations), mother of teenager, wife, friend, colleague, teacher(work), nearest sibling to elderly parents with health problems, volunteering at daughter's school, trying to stay healthy myself.

    I think I'm pretty typical.

  44. Sherrine11:41 AM

    Came across your blog via Kelly Rae's.... I juggle kiddos, work, an amazing boyfriend, and a hateful ex-husband. And did I mention my grandparents? I'm thinking life is just one giant juggling act! Peace!

  45. Danielle C11:52 AM

    I just adore your fun and very inspiring. As for juggling,my girls, their friends, their sports, school, being a wife and mother, cook and house cleaner, plus artist and being a friend. Pretty much sums it up :)

  46. Anonymous12:53 PM

    My current balls in the air: work; being present physically and emotionally for an adult child with a mental illness; trying to take better care of me; dealing with the very sudden and untimely loss of my mom (my best friend), one year ago; worry about my Dad, who is doing well, but will soon be 88; being a wife, and mother to both of my kids, and trying to keep up with the housework (a battle which is currently being lost), and the urge to just lay down and pull the covers over my head! :-)

    Thanks for the opportunity to win; your purses are beautiful; very unique and special!


  47. I work full time as an Assistant Resident Dean at UCSD as well as traveling and having a life and a boyfriend. I am taking a group of students to Peru for an alternative spring break for a week starting tomorrow. We have been fundraising for months. We get to work at a Center for the Elderly in Lima and build a house!

  48. I *try* and juggle work, school, and personal time, although sometimes I don't do a good job!

    Thanks for the awesome give away!

  49. As I mentioned on Facebook, I looove your book, Alisa!! I am inspired by so many of the projects. :) Thank you!!

    I juggle (and drop a fews balls now and then)......marriage, 2 teens (one in college, one still being homeschooled but getting ready to graduate), three dogs, exercise, housework, artwork, artgroup, shopping, and the occasional house cleaning day! :):)

  50. I quite like to juggle being a mum to 3 young sons and making time for myself doing art. Have just ordered your book as I saw it on the Kelly Rae blog..what a nice treat for mums day (on Sunday in the UK)

  51. juggling...juggling...juggling... the schedules of my adorable children, my traveling husband, my art literacy volunteer duties, the promises made for coffee and time with friends, my studio time, my firing schedule, my dog's obedience training and and and juggling, juggling, juggling, when is there ever time for sleep?


  52. OMG!!!!
    Did I miss this?????????

    That's because I am juggling too much, don't ya know. Hardly any time to look at what anyone else is doing.

    Work, home, new dog, fall from dog walking and hurt shoulder, heading off for a business trip, daughter out too late....laundry....trip to art supply store to get =supplies for class.....get hair colored shhhhh.

    If it's not too late.......

  53. Hi Alisa! So hoping to get into your class at Cloth Paper Scissors Create Retreat - then I'll be able to make this bag!! Just in case though, please put my name in the drawing for your art work clutch. Sure wish you were teaching your bracelet and large tote class...maybe we could make some paper bag tea party hats on Friday night!!!!
    So, what do I juggle besides size triple D bazoombas? Oh wait, I don't juggle those, my fiance of 12 years does...well, 3 long haired shepherds who all believe I am there pet not the other way around; a job that is not fulfilling and therefore, very draining energy wise; just finished a large remodeling project in our living room - wait, not really finished until the furniture gets moved back in and art on the, that's still in the hopper; during the process, broke my front tooth - so, dental work is being done; a friend borrowed our truck and wrecked it the day before she was moving to Texas; feel at work and broke my leg (no worries - I should be walking fine by August's classes!) Turning 50 on tuesday! Received a call from son (29) asking if he could move back for a "short period"...last time that lasted 3 years...I think I need to juggle some chocolate ice cream in my pie hole.
    Gina Growe in Springfield, Illinois where she can't wait to meet you!



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