Wednesday, March 18, 2009

custom clutch giveaway!

I just finished the last of my custom purse orders tonight and I am SO happy to have caught up on work (for today!).  Sometimes I honestly cannot believe how much I am juggling right now but accomplishing each project one day at a time makes it worth it!

And to celebrate, I decided its time to do another custom clutch giveaway- I have been giving away all kinds of fun stuff on other wonderful  blogs  I thought I should join in the fun and give something away on my own blog!  

The winner will receive a CUSTOM CLUTCH and will get to pick their own colors, words and images for their purse and then I will make it for you!!

So here is how it goes...

Leave me a comment- tell me what things you juggle in your own life.
The winner will be drawn on Friday 
Good Luck!


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