Tuesday, October 14, 2014

living room work space

When the seasons change, I have a tradition of changing the house around (it's kinda an uncontrollable impulse). Fall is here and rain will be coming to the Oregon Coast which means we will be spending more time inside which also means we need some better family work space. 

Recently I moved around our living room to relocated our large white desk to the wall and set up a clean and simple work space that we all could use for different projects

Since I love changing our furniture and decor around, I have learned over time that it's better to invest in neutral pieces of furniture that can be accented with trendy colors, pattern and accessories. 

1. We've had 6 of these Baxton plastic accent chairs for the last couple of years and I love using them around the house. They are clean, modern and retro and are really comfortable!

2. These nickel plated Barometer work lamps from IKEA are perfect for our work space.

3. One of the best purchases we made about five years ago was a white Besta Burs desk from IKEA. It is big but long and skinny enough to work in different places. Over the years, I've used it as an entry way desk, a sofa table and a work desk. 

Since I added the long desk to this wall, we suddenly had a big empty space which was perfect for an engineer print. An engineer print is a GIANT print for cheap and they only come in black and white. You can get them at Staples, Fed Ex, Kinkos but my print is from Photojojo and it measure 3ft x 4ft. 

When you live with a surfer there is always old or broken surfboards laying around and I used one of Andy's old boards and transformed it into art to hang above the engineer print.

So far we are loving this space- it is a great little change to our living room that will get us through the fall and winter with a little more space.


Sue Marrazzo Fine Art said...

What a GREAT space!
the chairs are the BEST!

jackie said...

THe surfboard is to die for...........And Happy Birthday sweet Lucy!

Magali said...

I love the idea of the engineer print, how did you attach it to the wall? It seems so clean!

Mary said...

Looks fabulous, I love seeing how you change up your home!

Anonymous said...

Wonderful pillow nest too! Fantastic surfboard. The black and white are amazing. xox

Raine said...

That surfboard ROCKS! When I first saw the image, I thought it was lace. You do the most amazing work@

britt said...

thanks for the photo info. what a great christmas idea you just gave me! love the surf board too.


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