Friday, October 10, 2014

fashion friday- canvas glasses pouch

I've worn glasses since I was fifteen and while I tend to wear my contacts most of the time, I have always loved expressing myself with unique and fashionable frames. But I've got a little problem...I treat my glasses TERRIBLE! I toss then in my purse, store them in a drawer and pretty much never use a case.

Typically I shop for glasses at my local optometrist but when luxury eyewear brand David Kind asked if I would like to try their "shop at home experience", I jumped at the chance to select frames in a new and wonderful way. After a stylist selected 6 frames for me to try at home,they arrived at my doorstep and I picked out a new pair of glasses. 

These new glasses were just too darn nice to throw in my purse so I decided enough was enough! I need some cases to store my glasses so I got busy making my own.
Making a case for glasses is just about the easiest project that a sewer of any level can tackle- all you need is to know how to sew a straight stitch!

I grabbed scraps of my painted canvas to create a handful of really colorful and expressive little cases.

I cut them to size. Mine measured 5 X 6.5 inches- a little bigger than I needed because I wanted the cases to also be used for sunglasses. Optional: line the inside of your canvas with fleece or felt.

I folded the canvas in half (so they measure 2.5 x 6.5 inches) and sewed up the side and the bottom! SO simple!

The result are cute and colorful cases that are sure to keep my glasses in better shape!

glasses c/o David Kind


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