Friday, January 24, 2014

fashion friday- embroidery hoop bangles

A while back I used small embroidery hoops to create wood burned bangles and since then I have been finding all kinds of ways to transform embroidery hoops into unique bangles. The hoops (I used 3") are super light, thin (so you can layer lots of them comfortably) and really cheap! You could use just about any mixed media techniques on the surface- here are three of my favorites!

Grab a permanent marker and doodle!

Use colorful acrylic paint and go wild with layers!

Any kind of fiber can be used to wrap around the hoop!


Daire said...

I love these! But I guess going out and buying a ton of embroidery hoops defeats the 'using things up' principle... I have quite a lot of those skinny metal bangles that I'd like to customise - I might try and adapt these techniques on those!

Karin said...

A great idea...the bangles are beautiful!

Casey said...

These are really awesome bangles! I always have a hard time finding bangles that are small enough. This could be a really great alternative! Thank you so much for sharing!

Kilika*Hechoamano said...

You always have a lovely ideas!

livethegoldenrule said...

Beautiful! I also use the core from an empty Duct Tape roll. I make 2 or 3 out of them depending how wide I want them. Then I cover w/fabric and sometimes add flowers. Looking at yours, I just thought about adding wire + a few beads and going over the whole thing!......You got me thinking again! Thanks ;D

Beka said... much fun and colourful. But a question: what do you do with all the other halves (screw-closure) that you have left over? Any way of repurposing those?

Anneris said...

love it! Awesome idea!

wendee said...

I received the mouse pad today. Love it! Thanks for good service.

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