Tuesday, May 07, 2013

scrappy chair

I have all kinds of old chairs sitting around in my studio that are just waiting for a makeover. And what better 
way than to create a stitched, messy patchwork cover from fabric scraps! Using my book Sew Wild as inspiration, I decided 
to transform a beat up chair into something a little more artful.

I started by painting the frame of the chair with bright pink spray paint. 

Next I raided my stash of fabric scraps and upcyled fabric (whenever I clean out our closets I always try to 
hold onto colorful printed fabrics that can be used in my sewing projects- even Lucy's old clothing is great to use!)

I cut a variety of squares from the fabric and arranged them on top of a piece of quilt batting.

I pinned the fabric to the batting.

Using my darning foot (or free motion foot), I sewed the fabric down to the batting.

Here is where my philosophy of "sewing wild" comes in- I love messy layers of free motion stitching (there is 
no attention to detail or perfection in my sewing process). Instead I go wild with my machine, using it to 
create another layer of texture to the surface of my fabric.

After I stitched my scraps, I wrapped the patchwork around my chair seat 
and secured with my staple gun.

Last, I secured the seat back onto the frame.

The result- a FUNKY and fun chair!


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