Friday, May 24, 2013

fashion friday- glue resist altered tunic

I love finding ways to alter clothing that would otherwise end up in the back of my closet! Recently I did some cleaning and organizing and was inspired to turn an old white tunic into something new.

A glue resist is a SUPER easy way to create pattern on the surface of fabric when working with dye. In my book Sew Wild I talk about all kinds of ways to use Elmers Glue on fabric and one of my favorite ways is to actually use stamps (or anything that can be used to create an imprint). 

FYI- When using stamps with glue you will NOT get a clean detailed imprint but that is part of the fun! Instead you will get an obscured version of your stamp that looks more like batik.

1. I started by laying my tunic on a flat surface. 2. Next, I selected my stamps (I used my own Doodle Flowers rubber stamps). 

3. I used a brush to cover the stamps with glue. 4. And then pressed the stamp into the surface of my tunic. I covered the entire surface and let the glue dry completely (typically over night).

5. After the glue was dry I used Tulip's One-Step Dye and completely saturated the tunic and let the dye soak according to the recommended length of time (6-8 hours). The last step was to wash the tunic in washing machine- this is the cool part- the dried glue washes out and you are left with your imprint!


jabbott said...

Love, love. I would wear this x

Cccam Server said...

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Nicki said...

Great idea, I should probably buy your Sew Wild book :)!

Unknown said...

Not only does the tunic look fabulous, but I love the way you photographed it with the blue and white backdrop.

Does it matter if it's washable or regular glue?

Unknown said...

You have inspired me to delve into my bulging wardrobes (yes, several plurals!) and get dyeing. I especially want to recreate the indigo-dyed look from India. Thanks, Alisa

marie said...

This is a wonderful look...I am always so inspired when I visit here!

Tina said...

This would a fun thing to do with my daughter, making her a shirt full of horses! Thanks for this tutorial.

Madeline Rains said...

Very very cool! Thanks for sharing so many awesome tutorials.

Joan Princing Art said...

This is so pretty! And it looks fairly easy, too. Definitely will have to try it.

Ditto! Thanks for sharing so many wonderful tutorials.

Happy Weekend!

Unknown said...

You never cease to amaze me with your inspirational ideas. Your new tunic looks beautiful. I love the design and the color you chose. Thanks so much for sharing this with your readers.
Susan :-)

studioGypsy said...

love this!! :)

schulmanart said...

dying to try this, lol!
just wondering if it is hard to get the glue off of your rubber stamps?
I would hate to ruin mine!


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