Saturday, May 18, 2013

studio schedule

I've got a handful of live classes/retreats scheduled in my studio. If you are looking for a reason to escape 
to the Oregon Coast and emerse yourself in creativity, join me!

Living on the Oregon Coast has made me a seeker of adventure and inspiration. From the mountains, to the sea, to the quaint coastal communities- the area offers some amazing inspiration. In my this one day class we will combine sketching and exploration. We will sketch our way around my hometown of Seaside, Oregon. I will take you to some
of my favorite places and secret spots all while learning and sketching on the go! I will discuss and demonstrate simple techniques for sketching and keeping a visual journal. We will absorb the colors, materials, and treasures of the area and document them in our sketchbooks. Drawing and art journaling is such an important part of my creative life- it
provides the opportunity for practice, growth, inspiration and escape and I can't wait to share my passion with you!

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From an artistic perspective, growing up on the Oregon Coast made me a seeker of wonders.  From the old growth 
woods, perched above the ocean, to the thundering surf pounding against the rocky shore, to the fog hanging over sandy 
beaches- the landscape offers up its treasures and dynamic inspiration to the willing soul. “You, Me, and the Sea” is 
a small retreat designed to share the inspiration of the Oregon Coast and the opportunity to immerse yourself in 
sketching, painting and mixed media projects based on the natural wonders of the sea. Together we will spend 
3 day sin a whirlwind of creativity- drawing, painting and projects inspired by the ocean and its offerings. We will 
absorb the colors, materials, and treasures of the landscape and turn them into unique artwork. 

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With a background in painting and printmaking I have discovered all kinds of simple and messy graffiti inspired 
techniques that can be used in a variety of surface design projects. From painting to doodling to layering color- there 
are so many ways to create unique fabric with a graffiti vibe. And the best part is that alll that fabric can be used to create 
one of a kind accessories! In this two day class you will have the opportunity to design and create your own fabric and then transform that fabric into a unique no sew handbag. I've been transforming my graffiti paintings into purses for the 
last ten years and I am excited to share my techniques and process with you! 

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Interested in bringing your group to my studio for a customized retreat or class?
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