Tuesday, May 07, 2013

for the birds

We live on a lovely corner lots that sits on a wetland- which means we have neighbors on one side and wildlife 
on the other! From deer to wild rabbits to squirrels to coyotes to eagles to ducks and a variety of birds- we are 
surrounded by all creatures great and small! 

It was our plan, when we left our busy and hectic life in Southern California, to get back to nature and instill
a passion (that both Andy and I grew up with) in Lucy for the outdoors. And now that we are getting a settled into 
our new digs, we have begun the process of showing Lucy all the simple wonders of nature.

Since Lucy is smitten with birds we have been setting up feeders in our yard.
(yes, Andy climbed that tree barefoot)

It turns out that the best location for bird watching has become our window seat which over looks 
our deck/backyard and it was the perfect place to add a tray bird feeder. Andy created a SUPER simple design 
and knocked it out in a matter of minutes. 

We've had all kinds of birds and squirrels visiting the feeder throughout the day and Lucy loves sitting in 
the window to watch. Its so much fun to see her face light and hear her yell B I R D when a bird flies in 
for a treat.

Its even become a wonderful source of sketching and photography inspiration for me!

We are hoping this is just the beginning of making nature a part of our everyday life!


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