Monday, April 08, 2013

DIY window seat

We are slowly making our new house a home and lately we have been struggling to get our great room (living room, dining and kitchen) to look and feel right- its very large and kind of a challenging shape. After configuring and reconfiguring the space, we finally decided what we needed was a window seat in our big bay window to bring the room together. The area beneath the window was awkward and just screaming for a big bench that could double as storage (for the millions of legos we now have scattered around the house). Since we are on a budget and love a good DIY project around here (and since my husband was a structural engineer in his previous life) we decided to tackle the project ourselves!
The space was not square and it has a heat vent in the middle of the floor so there were a few issues to work out but over all it was a pretty simple project. I won't go into all of the project details (just a little peek) but I am sharing the sketches that Andy drew for himself to work from. 

Andy solved the vent issue by building a wood box to redirect the heat.

The front was finished with bead board and framed out with 1 x 4 trim.

A hinge was added to the top segment for easy access to storage.

Hallelujah for TONS of storage!

I sewed up a long cushion and instead of using foam, I stuffed it with a lightweight down comforter so that we have fluffy and cozy seat pad. 

I sorted through my extensive pillow collection and added pillows.

(We still have some nail holes to patch and paint) but the result of our three day project is a WONDERFUl and cozy space that has changed the look and feel of the entire room!

UPDATE- for those inquiring about the curtains they are from Target.

It has quickly become the favorite place in the house.

Like any of the pillow you see? Check in tomorrow because I have a fun pillow post and great giveaway!


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