Monday, May 06, 2013

driftwood boats

 I am pretty sure driftwood boats are nothing new (those who live at the sea have been making them for forever)
but with a beach full of driftwood outside my front door, I couldn't resist putting my twist on the idea. Its a fun 
spring/summer project perfect for kids or for the kid at heart AND a whimsical way to add a little nautical and beach 
inspired decor to your home!

I wanted to use colorful painted paper for my sails. 1. I started by painting my sail with watercolors. 
2. I added details with a black pen. 3. Next, I glued a dowel to the back of the sail.

4. After collecting all kinds of driftwood, I selected a piece for my ship. 5. I poked a hole into the wood. 
6. Then I used all purpose glue to the hole 7. and then placed the sail into the hole.

The result is a simple and colorful little boat! 

I got even more creative by using different shapes for the sails, pattern and even added flags.


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